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Updates from the Experts

A Look at Oil

October 20, 2016
In today's video, we take a look at the Crude Oil Futures market. We're currently waiting for a bearish bar on the daily time-frame to start looking for shorting opportunities in the days to come. Andrew discusses his analysis of this market in more ...Read More

7 Often Ignored Day Trading Tips

October 20, 2016
Day trading has changed over the past decades as technology has made it easy for anybody to get involved in the markets. The pitch was you could work from home with little capital, little skill and have all the freedom you could ever ...Read More

Daily CME Market Study

October 20, 2016
We're still looking for upside follow-through in the Index Futures markets. Although the NASDAQ may not be the friendliest market to get involved with for today. The Dollar is still holding its strength, but Euro is putting some pressure on ...Read More

Benefiting from Hurricane-Like News Events

October 19, 2016
October 29th, 2012. An election year, a jam-packed news cycle and to top it all off -- a category 2 hurricane is headed for landfall on the east coast. Superstorm 'Sandy' was about to bring New Jersey to her knees -- everyone knew it and there was ...Read More

RSI Indicator Trading Strategy – Part 2

October 19, 2016
The RSI indicator and other "bounded indicators" are often mistakenly traded as buy signals when they're oversold and as sell signals when they're overbought. This is exactly the opposite of what works! This video is part 2 to an earlier video about ...Read More

Cracking the Code: Re-programming Your Gut Response to Fear

October 19, 2016
Trading exposes hidden flaws in your trading competence without any regard to your ego or past successes.  No matter how much knowledge you have accumulated about trading, that knowledge is so easily laid waste in the heat of the moment when ...Read More

How Important is it to Review Your Trades?

October 19, 2016
In my opinion, one of the most helpful things to do to improve your option trading or any type of trading is to review your trades. You need to pretend that you are the late, great Roger Ebert (hard to believe it is almost 3 years now) of option ...Read More

Outflank Price with Genuine Reversal Conditions

October 18, 2016
The Battle of Marathon, 490 BC. The Greeks are outnumbered by the attacking Persians looking to subjugate Greece. Two choices faced the citizens of Athens: accept surrender and die, or use their limited resources and keep the Greco legend ...Read More

S&P 500 After a 10 Day Low Close

October 18, 2016
For today's analysis, here’s a quantified tip for trading the S&P 500 after a 10 day low close that did not make a new 10 day low. Interesting in learning more from Scott? Then check out for additional material. This ...Read More

Gold and Silver Regroup but Remain Bearish

October 18, 2016
Gold & Silver Futures Analysis Last week was one of consolidation and regrouping for both gold and silver, following the calamitous falls of the previous week which finally injected some momentum into both precious metals following the ...Read More

E-mini S&P 500 Fire Sale?

October 18, 2016
This week, we take a look at the E-mini S&P 500. This market has recently broken down, out of the wedge it's been consolidating in for several weeks. Could this be the beginning of the downside slide? Interested in learning more from Gabriel? ...Read More

How to Find Support and Resistance in Real Time

October 18, 2016
In today's video, we take a look at the Ichimoku Cloud on the 30-Year Bond. Daily direction in this market looks to be moving lower, but what do the shorter time-frames like 10 and 60 minute charts show us? To learn more from Hubert, ...Read More

Trading AUD/JPY? You Better Have an Opinion on The S&P’s Too

October 17, 2016
Good Saturday afternoon from rainy and cold Bend Oregon – perfect weather to do some analysis/work from a coffee shop. I received this question from André in Lisbon Portugal. What is the relationship between AUD/JPY and S&P? Thanks ...Read More

Dollar Index Bullish on Weekly Charts

October 17, 2016
Today's US Equity Market Commentary reviews the week commencing October 16th, 2016. We now have a confirmed bullish bias on the weekly time-frame in the Dollar Index. It will be interesting how this plays out as we approach a strong resistance level ...Read More

JS Services Price Map | Corn Futures

October 17, 2016
Corn Futures | 10/17/2016 - 10/21/2016 JS Services provides structure and actionable opportunity to traders each day with its JSDesktop application. For each day's report, be sure to read the full article every day and follow the ...Read More