Major Markets and Futures Returns Year to Date June
By Corey Rosenbloom   
June 09, 2010

Half the month has passed, so what has your commodity done?

Or more specifically, how have the major markets performed with half of 2010 down?

FinViz has a great visual tool under their FinViz Futures tab – performance – that shows us at a glance how the major (and minor) markets have performed so far:

Click on image to enlarge!

As of June 7th’s close, what’s been the best and worst returning market so far? No, it’s not the Euro for the worst or gold for the best. The best futures market performer has been Lean Hogs (huh?) in 2010, which is up 18% year to date. Finishing in a close second, Feeder Cattle. That means livestock – so far – has been the best investment.

Which futures markets have performed the worst? It looks like the other agricultural products. Sugar is down almost 50% this year (ouch), followed by oats with a 29% decline and rough rice, wheat, and corn all declining 20%. But what about the MAIN markets – you know – the ones you hear about in the news all the time?

Glad you asked:

The US Dollar Index and Gold Prices – both risk aversion assets (safety/protection plays) are up 13% so far this year. Not far behind are the 30-year Bond and 10-Year Note prices, also risk-avoidant/protective assets for investors.

The broader US Equity Markets are all down roughly 5% for the year.

Finally, Crude Oil, unlike Gold, is down so far 10%.

And last but not least, it’s no surprise that if the US Dollar Index is one of the top performers in the major markets, the Euro Index would be one of the worst – losing 16.5% of its value.

Even if you don’t trade these exotic markets, it’s important to know where the top and bottom performers are so we can assess broad/global risk seeking or risk avoiding behavior.

As of June 7th, 2010, the trend is clear: Investors are seeking SAFETY. That’s likely to be the case as long as global fears of economic instability plague Europe and even China.

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