Currency Chart Up/Down Market Cycles

The response to the last post is that readers want to hear about ALL the different market cycles! So today I start with the first of a series of blog posts on cycles. I’ll be demonstrating with a currency chart, the forex EUR/USD pair, but what I share also applies to futures and stocks.

We begin with the one that probably comes to most people’s minds – the up/down market cycles.

The currency chart in the following video will demonstrate the basics of this principle. I wish I had more time, but the videos are limited by the space on the servers so I have to keep them around 10 minutes.

The one thing I wanted to add is that to more precisely TIME the entry using cycles, it’s critical to use multiple time frames. I’ve never found any cycle indicator, used alone, to be of much value.

Like all of my trading strategies, whether trading Forex currency charts, stocks, futures or any other market, no ONE indicator is worth its salt. It’s when multiple energies align that we find probability scenarios worth putting our money at risk.

That said, enjoy the video …

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