How To Stop Chasing Dangled Trading Carrots And Just Grab Them Instead

Just like most retail traders, the donkey keeps chasing the carrot because he believes he is about to get it.

You know the image of the donkey being led around as it chases a carrot hanging from a stick a few inches in front of its nose? It’s real funny until you realize you are the one who has been played as the donkey by the elite institutional traders.

For years, retail traders have been tricked by the elite institutional traders. You have been told to watch the price of an asset and use all sorts of lagging indicators to find your best entry and exit points.

But your trades almost never got the carrot. And even when they did it was just a little taste.

Now, you have the ability to find out why.

Why Do Your Trades Never Get The Carrot?

You have always been so close you just knew that you would get there next time around. And next time ended up about the same as the last. Why?

The elite institutional traders have always used real-time data and analysis for positioning their trades. Retail traders have been using lagging indicators like simple moving averages and trend lines. That left the average retail trader at least 6 to 10 ticks behind the institutions.

When you are chasing price from a few ticks behind the market, you will always come close to the carrots of profitable trades, but you will rarely grab them consistently.

The only path to consistent profits in the futures market is to use the same real-time data as the elite institutions. Then you will be trading with them rather than trying to catch them from behind.

But how do retail traders get this real-time data?

What Is Different Now?

In the past, it took expensive and sophisticated trading software to access and interpret real-time market data. Data that was available to anyone.

However, having the same access to the data being used by the institutions did not mean you had the ability to see all of the details their trading systems provided them. Or, how to make money-making trading decisions from what you saw.

These trading systems now allow retail traders to see market data in real time instead of constantly trading 6-10 ticks behind the institutional traders. Retail traders can now see how the carrot they thought they could grab was never really within reach.

Even better, real-time institutional Order Flow Sequence tools allow you to see exactly what the institutions are doing as they are doing it. Now quit chasing the profit carrot with the lagging indicators you have been using. Instead, you will begin using Order Flow Sequence Tracking as a complete system to position your trades right alongside the institutions.

How Do Real-Time Tools Help You Trade With The Elite Institutions?

When the price is rising but the aggressive buy orders are falling, price direction is likely to change.

One example of the real time tools these systems contain is our sequential volume decline tool. This tool can help you see when the institutional orders to buy or sell are drying up and signaling a reversal before the price actually changes direction.

Understanding that volume is always the leading indicator of price direction is critical to success. We can see the aggressive buying or selling declining consistently as the price continues to move in its current direction. These patterns of sequentially declining aggressive buying or selling are one of the market’s leading tools that traders need to learn to use. When the aggressive buying or selling begins to consistently fall, the institutional money is sending you a leading market signal you can use.

If Order Flow Sequence Tracking Is So Good, Why Haven’t You Heard About It Before?

The trading systems required to accumulate and use Order Flow Sequence Tracking information in real time were mostly owned by the institutions. The average retail trader has been “educated” to believe using lagging indicators is their best option for success.

Retail traders thought they were coming close with their trades. But, in reality, the best they could hope for was to react to a price change 6-10 ticks behind the market. And just to get that, they had to fight tooth and nail against millions of other traders using the same worthless tools.

The institutional traders have always used real-time Order Flow Sequence Tracking to position their profitable trades. The institutions know that lots of small traders use lagging indicators to trade. They use them as well… to set traps in the market and drain the accounts of traders who are still chasing the carrots they dangle. This is how they have milked profits from your trading account for years. Why would they tell you that the real-time systems were available and how you can use them?

It’s Time To Turn The Carrots Into Carrot Cake

Making the switch from chasing the price with lagging indicators to trading with real-time tools takes some getting used to. But, the tools you need and the training necessary to use them effectively are easily acquired.

The lagging information you have been using would have never allowed you to earn a full-time income. You were trying to beat the institutions. You have been tricked and trapped by the institutional traders. They were laughing all the way to the bank while you were chasing the carrots they dangled in front of you.

The only way to earn consistent profits in the futures market is to trade with the large institutional traders. You can never hope to win trading against them. They want you to believe that you can get rich overnight. It helps them trap you in bad trades where they will win and your account will continue to lose.

As long as you trade in the past and chase the get-rich-quick carrots dangled in front of you, you will lose. The institutional traders will never quit dangling that carrot in front of you as long as you reach for it. It is a fool’s game and the institutional traders are not foolish people. They drive the market with their order volume. And they know it. It is the responsibility of the small retail traders to know it too.

You can continue to approach the futures market as a get-rich-quick opportunity. And you can continue to fail to earn a living by trading. Only when you quit trying to beat the unbeatable institutions and start trading with them will you achieve long-term success in your trading.

Now that you know how to grab that carrot of profitable trading, you can quickly turn it into some really sweet profits.

You are not going to get rich overnight using the profitable techniques that are required to survive and prosper in the market. But, the profits you make from grabbing the carrot instead of chasing it will leave your account with a sweet dessert. You will be able to enjoy it while you watch the people still trading the way you used to — grabbing at those carrots just beyond their reach.

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