Is America’s Greatest Unsolved Cipher Your Key to Efficient Trading?

An estimated $30 million in unclaimed treasure awaits somewhere in Bedford County Virginia — if you can crack one of America’s greatest unsolved ciphers.

In January of 1821, Thomas J. Beale entrusted a sealed iron box to innkeeper Robert Morriss at the Washington Hotel in Lynchburg Virginia — never to return. Twenty-three years later, curiosity got the best of Morriss. He pried open the box to find a letter describing an enormous treasure, and three pages filled with codes, protecting its resting place.

Morriss eventually turned Beale’s cipher over to a trusted friend who managed to solve one of the three pages, painting just enough of a picture to attract attention.

Likewise, lagging indicators only deliver a partially cracked code, and usually late — keeping your trading profits hidden forever.

Why your indicators keep missing sustained profits

Ironically, the only decoded Beale page described the long-buried treasure, but revealed no details on how to successfully find it. The sense of frustration must have been overwhelming, finally knowing what’s out there and then hitting a wall.

Millions of retail traders encounter a similar frustration because all lagging retail indicators have the limitation of being built only to show price or a derivative of price. This is the case, regardless of what oscillator, momentum indicator or price action device you may use.

With this as your primary insight into the market, you are left to decode the rest with essentially zero visibility into the real dynamics driving price.

After you’ve made your best guess about the price movement, the limited information you’ve used has led to a position that is 6-10 ticks behind the market, limiting or eliminating your profit potential.

Real-time order flow sequence intelligence allows you to open that ironclad candlestick and see the plays driving price. This allows you to see the market-driving moves of institutional investors as they occur.

Avoid being late and seize opportunities to profit: now

Imagine sitting with Thomas Beale as he’s writing his cipher. Refilling his glass with whiskey as he ponders, hesitates and connives. Spilling his secrets and tipping his hand every step of the way.

Now you can do the same:

Within each candlestick hides the truth of the market. Real-time order flow data isn’t a matter of tracking the ask and bid prices hovering around the strike. It’s visibility on each trade made within a candlestick presented to you as it’s made — giving you live intelligence on the positions taken by the institutions as they’re being taken.

Evaluating your trade becomes a matter of analyzing actual trade activity instead of attempting to decipher an indicator — just as though you’re reading over Beale’s shoulder.

How will this help me turn my late trades into early winners?

The Beale papers were finally published to the public in 1885. That’s 23 years sitting in a box, 20 or so of Morriss keeping a secret and almost another 20 while his friend tries unsuccessfully to decode the cipher. Talk about late.

While you won’t be 43 years late using indicators, you will continue to be 6-10 ticks behind on every trade. Which, in the lighting-fast world of institutional order flows, is a lifetime for them to pick your positions clean — and trick you into buying the wrong side of the market.

As the masses scramble to respond to their indicator, you can be extracting your rightfully claimed treasure, successfully reading each clue along the way.

Dynamic access to order flow data allows you to see the live score on who will prevail in pushing price in one direction or another.

Seeing this puts you in a position to trade with the institutions as they assume their massive positions. You can then trade with the prevailing trend set in motion by those who control it.

Can’t I just read the D.O.M. to get this data?

Not unless you have a supercomputer for a brain.

Order Flow Sequence Tracking dynamically displays every trade being made and where they’re landing in real time — for you.

This intelligence shows you where and when positions are being assumed, presenting opportunities as they develop — not after.

As trades are tracked directly from the order book straight to your chart, you can hunt for profit as the market unfolds and assume an early winning position.

Order Flow Sequence Tracking Intelligence: Your key to consistent trading profits

Here’s the kicker about the Beale papers:

Turns out the entire thing could be cracked using an original version of the Declaration of Independence!

Something obvious, anyone had access to — but didn’t know how to use.

It’s the same with institutional order flow sequences.

Sustained trading profits is a matter of using the right source of intelligence to move with institutional investors already in the know.

Unfortunately, retail indicators result in late trades because they’re price-based and lag. Like Beale’s key, the order flow data embedded within each candle right in front of you holds the answers you’ve been looking for.

Use this advantage to position yourself early by seeing trades as they move from the order book to your chart. Profit using the insight that comes with knowing the exact sequence and position of every aggressive move that’s made.

With every trade, institutions pray the candle will remain locked, keeping their secrets until it’s too late. Now that you know the key, will you act now and use it?

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