Tom Busby and DTI Announce Trading Education Relationship with Trader Kingdom

Tom has partnered with Trader Kingdom, one of the premier websites in financial education that has just launched this year in 2009.

Chicago, IL– Tom Busby, of the Diversified Trading Institute (DTI), will be providing trading education using his 30+years of trading experience in futures, commodities and options markets. Tom has partnered with Trader Kingdom, one of the premier websites in financial education that has just launched this year in 2009.

With this partnership, Tom Busby will be doing a two-part webinar series where he will be discussing how to use the 24-hour clock to use successful trading and effective trading strategies.

The webinars will be hosted on October 27, 2009 and December 3, 2010 and will cover the following information:

  • “Using the 24-hour Clock to Trade the Global Markets: Futures, Stocks and Options”:
    Traders tend to put themselves in one of three categories: day trader, swing trader, or long-term investor. Almost all trades start as day trades and develop into swing or long-term positions depending on the market and the returns. In this educational session, Tom Busby will share his method for using specific times of day to trade stocks, futures and options.
  • “Don’t’ Fight the Trend: Strategies for Trading in a Bull or Bear Market:”
    To be a more successful trader, you often need to be able to play the long and the short side. In this session Tom Busby will cover some of his personal strategies for a bull or bear market. Busby will cover the futures market, specifically the E-Mini S&P and German DAX Futures as well as Exchange Traded Funds, Equities, and Commodities.

Don’t miss out on your chance to register for these events today. Trader Kingdom has picked some of the most regal trading experts in the industry to be a part of the educational court.

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