Unfolded as Predicted

The first trading day of 2015 progresses exactly like we discussed in yesterday’s video conversation.

S&P 500 5 Minute Chart

Russell 2000 5 Minute Chart

S&P 500 and Russell 2000 futures broke down from their open-range zones early and stepped lower thru your CM RoadMap scales as usual. After that, it was hours of drift and chop. Nice opportunity for profits on the short side early, then not much else that followed.

Typical price behavior, and what we talked about yesterday.

Crude Oil 10 Minute Chart

Lots of abrupt, spiky and surging price movement today. Definitely tradable, some good CM Patterns signals but you had to prestage orders at the key inflection zones to catch breakout explosions both ways.

It Begins
Monday onward begins the serious start to trading markets when institutional traders and their volume levels return from holiday hiatus. Time to kick off 2015 in earnest, a year that I personally believe will be one for the ages per profitable trading potential. Whether you join us for the CM Team program and see how we break down any market/symbol into highly predictable, tradable segments or you join me for the live-trading intraday project, I look forward to working with you thru an exciting year ahead!

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