Using the Market Footprint to Catch Institutions in the Act

Someone had just held up the Whitnash One Stop Store in the UK. The take: cash and lottery tickets. The shaken-up shopkeepers wouldn’t have to wait long for justice.

It had been snowing that night and the culprits’ footprints led authorities directly to them. Six people in all were arrested for knocking over the One Stop.

Every day, the ‘take’ is lifted in every market right under the nose of millions of retail traders. Unaware, they gleefully trade away their accounts without any knowledge of what the institutions are doing. Rest assured, footprints are being made that will lead you to profits.

What tracks do the institutions leave behind?

If you think for a second that you’ve fully covered your tracks — think again, if you find yourself leaving the scene of a crime. Technology for finding and then pinpointing the origin of footprints made in just about any setting is downright frightening.

The same is true for today’s market. While millions of retail traders stare at blank candles and lean on price-based indicators, the institutions are grabbing profits and heading out in a getaway car called the market.

The secret they hope remains overlooked: Every position they take, and intention they have, is visible for your analysis in real time. This information takes the form of the market footprint delivered by Order Flow Sequence Tracking Intelligence.

More than just a footprint: a signature

Imagine being an investigator and finding a footprint that included a full confession, signed and dated by the culprit — with directions on where to pick them up.

Whether they like it or not, the institutions leave this information behind the second they assume a position. The more aggressive the position they take — the more information we have to work with.

The basic market footprint tells us a variety of incredibly useful market-solving details:

  • Winners / Losers: The final score at the end of each candle/action between winners and losers in the form of the Delta.
  • Acts of Aggression: Positions taken either by buyers or sellers, in an effort to drive price in a particular direction.
  • Friendly Conditions: Moments where price has become too cheap, or too expensive, presenting conditions friendly for a swing.
  • Power Plays: BIG positions taken with thousands of contracts contained within that create price levels that will be revisited.
  • Point of Conflict: The exact scene of the crime where the most volume is taking place.
Five basic clues, found in every footprint leading you to profitable entries.

A path leading you to sustainable success

The Keystone Cops are universally derided as being clueless — but recognized as entertaining and essential to the classics they played in. The same is true for millions of retail traders — unwittingly being schooled by the institutions as they stare at their charts — not realizing they’re covered with clues.

With Order Flow Sequence Tracking Intelligence you have a clear path that leads you to:

  • Clean Entries: Trade locations that come with confidence-building confirmation that you’re getting in ahead of a swing — not behind.
  • Exit Warnings: Signs that price may be headed against you and that you need to consider getting out — based on aggressive institutional movement.
  • Dynamic Stops: Opportunities to advance your stops and capture profits as you actively manage your trades.

Half of this information would give you a massive leg up on 95% of the retail market — yet, this just scratches the surface.

Intelligence that supports process

At first the information contained in a footprint chart can seem overwhelming, even complicated. With practice, you can quickly solve the market unfolding right before you in seconds, like a seasoned detective.

The discipline of analyzing intelligence contained within each candle and market translates directly into your decision-making process as a trader. Instead of waiting on a faulty green or red arrow — like most retail traders with their price-based indicators — you are actively monitoring conditions.

This allows you to spot and verify locations AND manage risk. Two critical elements institutional traders successfully (and simultaneously) take in every second as naturally as breathing.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the intelligence — internalize it and embrace it for the advantage that it is.

Catch profits before they escape

Footprint evidence has been used in scores of cases across the country — nailing some very high profile suspects. Despite efforts to cover their tracks, the evidence was damning enough to do them in.

You can catch profits, simply by watching institutions in the act of making massive moves. Watch as the market footprint unfolds right before your eyes, and trade with the side that’s winning the battle for the take.

Watch the delta as the ultimate/final score for each auction. Keep an eye out for imbalances as they unfold, showing who’s in charge. Use the COT as your guide for where the most volume is taking place.

While others haplessly wait and watch — put profits in heavy pursuit using the footprint as your guide.

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