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Low Liquidity in Crude Oil Causing Surprises
By Alla Peters   
March 20, 2014

Looking at action in the Crude oil market yesterday, we saw low liquidity causing this market to spike back and forth between decision and reversal levels. The fed meeting did not help matters as it makes action unpredictable and trading difficult.

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Daily CME Market Study
By Dan Gramza   
March 20, 2014

With yesterday being Fed day, we saw a lot of movement in many of the markets. Looking at the currencies, we can see that the dollar strengthened, pushing most currencies lower. A number of these currencies closed below bearish levels on the charts so we should be watching these markets to see if continuation to the downside is in the cards.

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Ichimoku - Chikou Line Break Outs
By Trisha Ogilvie   
March 19, 2014

Using Ichimoku, we will take a look at Chikou line break outs/break downs in the market. These are a great option to use in markets that are trending. Yesterday in the NQ, we saw the Chikou bar move above the support/resistance area in the market.

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Action Before Fed Day
By Brian Rehler   
March 19, 2014

For today, we will take a look at yesterday's action in the S&P 500 market. With Fed Day occuring today, we did not expect a lot of volume or large swings. For the most part, we saw sideways action in the market with it pulling back into its moving average.

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Trading the Last Tick
By Alex Wasilewski   
March 18, 2014

Do you trade the last tick? When you lose on one setup do you let it carry over? If so you will always find yourself one trade back in the learning curve of trading. Want to know why traders fail? They are trading the last ticks. To find out how you need History to become successful.

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Bidding for Bonds
By Hubert Senters   
March 18, 2014

Taking a quick look at the 30-year bond market, we can see overhead resistance coming into the market. There are three clear tops starting at the beginning of February. We are likely to see a pullback to the 50% range in this market.

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