Futures Trading Basics

Profit When Scorned Traders are Left Holding the Bag

January 19, 2017
Beloved by the people, part of a royal alliance with Spain - Catherine of Aragon seemed to have everything locked down. All she needed was to produce an heir to the throne (as if it were all up to her),... Read more

Trading Mistakes That Are Easy To Fix

January 18, 2017
Whether you have been trading for years, manage millions or are just starting, we all have something in common: We all make trading mistakes. Finding trading success is never a direct route and there are many pitfalls a trader can... Read more

Put a GPS Tracking Device on Price with Fibonacci

January 13, 2017
It seemed like the perfect heist. Smash, grab and a clean getaway. Less than 90 seconds and they were back out the door with over $5 million in jewelry. Quite a caper by any standard. Except for one detail -... Read more

Trade With the High Rollers by Spotting Block Trades

January 12, 2017
It's not the ten gallon hat. It's not the Texas-sized smile. It's not even the unmistakable swagger that comes with being one of the world's most successful poker players. No, you don't even need to lay eyes on him to... Read more

Using Tick Charts to Listen in on Institutional Traders

January 6, 2017
Sunday afternoon. Playoffs are looming and your team is knocking on the door towards mid-field. To stand a chance you desperately need a first down - and then something. A touchdown is too much to ask for - but a... Read more

Are Your Entries Dead on Arrival and You Don’t Even Know It?

January 5, 2017
It's a scene straight out of the hit show ER. The ambulance backs up, George Clooney (or a younger version anyway) rounds the corner looking grim-faced and determined. "Adult male!" he bellows, reading from a file prepared by the EMT.... Read more

Doing the Math: Trading Futures in 2017

Austin Passamonte January 3, 2017
The last Coiled Markets trading efforts for 2016 were with Crude Oil.  Austin discusses these trades, as well as chart settings and their impact on trade results. Austin shares his trading plans for 2017 based on the changed landscape of... Read more

What are Kagi Charts?

January 2, 2017
Several years ago we started using Range and Renko Charts with our systems here at NetPicks. This has piqued people’s interest in some of the other more esoteric chart types. It’s very much worth taking a look at our popular... Read more

Abort Big Losses by Using Bollinger Bands to Monitor Exits

December 30, 2016
You're aboard an Apollo spacecraft on the launch pad, and the countdown has finally reached the final seconds. Looking at your comrades, you exchange a knowing yet nervous glance. This is it - with a shudder, massive pumps send fuel... Read more

Have a Ripcord Ready for Safe Exits with COT

December 29, 2016
It was supposed to be nothing but fun and laughs. The next item on your bucket list - a skydive over the scenic Grand Canyon, with a safe landing zone and a picnic waiting. All you needed to do was... Read more