Futures Trading Basics

Define Your Trend Line Drawing Rules

December 26, 2016
Give a trader a peak or a trough and they will find a way to draw trend lines that may or may not have any use in their trading. Like most forms of technical analysis, trend lines are often abused,... Read more

Add Nitro to Your Account by Trading with Volume

December 23, 2016
The 'strip' at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. You're strapped into your top fuel dragster, hands at 10 and 2 waiting for the light to change. Don't blink. You're in the fastest accelerating racing vehicle in the world. The fastest racers... Read more

Break the Code of Trending Markets and Save Your Account

December 22, 2016
World War II, 1942. The Germans were at the height of their power and reach, having conquered most of Europe. Across the Atlantic, German U-boats were picking off allied ships as though they were in the midway at a county... Read more

Diversification – the Key to Opportunity and Trading Success

December 22, 2016
“Of the six tools needed for successful day trading, Diversification is the most important.” Diversification in Traditional Investing Diversification in the world of investing is synonymous with “safe,” “secure” and “smart”; yet in spite of the advantages diversification brings to... Read more

Win the Championship Even if You Lose the Game with a Loss Plan

December 16, 2016
Down three games to one. Staring elimination, and a 108-year curse, directly in the face -- it seemed clear that fate would not be on the Cubbies side after all. Sunday night, Game 5, Chicago -- you could cut the... Read more

Avoid Getting Shot Down by Steering Clear of No Man’s Land Using Value

December 15, 2016
The battle of Somme. The first great offensive of World War I and the moment of truth for the British that would shape their resolve for the rest of the conflict. Among the trench warfare conflicts that took place during... Read more

2 Simple Trading Tweaks To Ease Your Mind

December 14, 2016
We have all heard and probably experienced that your mind can be the deciding factor in your trading success or failure. Some will go as far as saying that the edge you really have is yourself regardless of your trading... Read more

Monitor Price Meltdowns with RSI & MFI

December 9, 2016
It happened during a late-night power failure stress test. The safety systems were deliberately turned off on The Number Four Light Water Graphite reactor at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. A design flaw in the reactor, combined with a checklist that... Read more

Eject from Catastrophic Trades with Advanced Trade Management

December 8, 2016
A beautiful day for a flight at Mach 4. You'd have it no other way, as you race across the pure blue sky with your hair on fire and the G-forces pushing your face in ways Botox can only imagine.... Read more

How to Use Double Bottoms When Price is About to Shipwreck

December 2, 2016
Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes, otherwise known as the 'Black Swan'. This Spanish Navy frigate was sunk by the British off the south coast of Portugal on October 5th, 1804. Bad enough for the Spanish, even worse that it was... Read more