Futures Trading Basics

How to Use Double Bottoms When Price is About to Shipwreck

December 2, 2016
Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes, otherwise known as the 'Black Swan'. This Spanish Navy frigate was sunk by the British off the south coast of Portugal on October 5th, 1804. Bad enough for the Spanish, even worse that it was... Read more

Avoid the Price Booby Traps by Watching Supply and Demand

December 1, 2016
Two-Step Charlie. The nickname for one of the several snakes in the jungles of Vietnam. Rumor had it that after being bitten by one of these highly venomous snakes, you would likely die within two steps. These deadly serpents were... Read more

Identifying Opportunities in Market ‘Chunnels’

November 24, 2016
Mission Impossible: Seconds feverishly count down as a helicopter races after a train that happens to hold a briefcase with a code that could determine the end of the world (naturally). Unbelievably, the train heads toward a tunnel that seems... Read more
Tangled Wires

Don’t Complicate Your Trading

November 24, 2016
The level at which trading becomes over-complicated is certainly the subject of debate. It depends very much on the individual and their capacity. You know, when people say the simplest solutions are often the best, I have to smile a... Read more

Take Advantage of Macro Volume Levels During Bad News Reports

November 23, 2016
'O happy dagger, this is thy sheath'... Juliet takes the dagger, stabs herself... end scene. The classic method for dealing with bad news in a Shakespeare play -- as dramatic as it gets. Every day, the market receives news. Some... Read more

Commodity Trading using Seasonal Trend Analysis

November 22, 2016
To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose, even in commodity trading. Sometimes futures day traders who primarily work with the e-mini indices forget there is a much broader choice of commodity trading products in the marketplace.... Read more

Identify Opportunity with Killer Simple Moving Average Crossovers

November 17, 2016
March 12, 1997, Philadelphia. The NBA was in the process of welcoming Allen Iverson to the league, but AI had other ideas. Tonight he'd be facing Michael Jordan and for sure the youngster from Georgetown would be put in his... Read more

Locating Trades with Volume’s Vendetta on Price

November 16, 2016
Simply known as the Hatfields and the McCoys. A legendary conflict that pitted a wealthy West Virginia family against a working class Kentucky Union-friendly family. Over the course of several generations the feud included beatings, kidnappings and even one romance.... Read more

Define Your Trend Line Drawing Rules

November 8, 2016
Give a trader a peak or a trough and they will find a way to draw trend lines that may or may not have any use in their trading. Like most forms of technical analysis, trend lines are often abused,... Read more

Battle Attacking Price Swings with the Fibonacci Circle

November 4, 2016
The Colosseum, ancient Rome. Outnumbered, facing opponents that are armed to the teeth, gladiators crept into the arena ready to meet their fate and earn their freedom. The choice before them was  simple -- fight, kill, win and live --... Read more