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Learn to Build, Test & Automate Algo Strategies
By Sean Kozak   
April 18, 2014

Title: Learn to Build, Test & Automate Algo Strategies

Speaker: Sean Kozak

Company: Shark Indicators

Join Sean Kozak and Daniel Roe from Shark Indicators for this live event exploring the path of building automated trading strategies using a scientific approach.

Sean and Daniel will review the pros and cons of both discretionary and automated trading and the place of each in helping you reach your trading goals.

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Use a Suite of Index Futures to Maximize Returns
By Pete Mulmat   
April 17, 2014

Title: Use a Suite of Index Futures to Maximize Returns

Speaker: Pete Mulmat

Company: CME Group

Learn the how to value the ES, NQ and YM for an effective “blend” of equity futures.

The ability to use equity index futures to effectively hedge your portfolio is a skill every trader should have.

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Using the Footprint Chart to Accurately Target Trade Location
By Stephen Vettorel   
April 16, 2014

Title: Using the Footprint Chart to Accurately Target Trade Location

Speaker:Stephen Vettorel

Company: FXES Trader

Join Stephen Vettorel for this live webinar demonstrating how he uses the Volume Imbalance Footprint to find optimal trading opportunities.

The Market Delta Footprint® Chart is being dubbed "a breakthrough for traders", providing more chart visibility, and letting traders look inside the bars and track buyers, sellers, volume, and most importantly....order flow!

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Why "Trading Systems" Haven't Worked for You
By Will Busby   
April 11, 2014

Title: Why "Trading Systems" Haven't Worked for You

Speaker:Will Busby

Company: Pure Financial Academy

Have you spent countless hours trying to find the right indicator or Trading System that makes your life easier so you can trade without subjectivity?

Join Will Busby of Pure Financial Academy for this live event introducing how to read pure price action from the mindset of an institutional trader. Incorporating what he considers the "truths" about the financial markets, watch Will review supply and demand trading in a non-conventional way.

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Conquering the Eight Roadblocks to Peak Performance Trading
By Rande Howell   
April 10, 2014

Title: Conquering the Eight Roadblocks to Peak Performance Trading

Speaker:Rande Howell

Company: Traders State of Mind

What really stands in the way between you and reaching consistency in your trading?

For many traders, after a number of years of study, it is not their knowledge or skills.

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