Futures Trading Tools

Using Market Structure to Identify Trading Opportunities

June 29, 2016
Many traders do not see the market opportunities until they have already passed. They struggle with the insight to spot market movement before it occurs.Join John Slazas for a fast paced webinar event as he demonstrates a powerful approach to... Read more

Remove Emotion by Automating Your Trading Strategies

June 24, 2016
When traders take a step back and look at the flaws in their trading, negative emotions are often an area that many people focus on.Join Jim McQuarrie for this live event as he introduces an approach to help remove the... Read more

The Magic of Math – Increase Consistency Without Increasing Risk

June 10, 2016
Join Dean Jenkins as he demonstrates a simple method, using simple math, for adding to an existing trade without adding to the risk or potential loss on the trade.This live online session will also review trade size, scaling in and... Read more

How Discretionary Traders Are Learning to Manage Risk and Develop Discipline

May 27, 2016
How do successful trading plans fail? Knowing yourself is the biggest part of what it takes to be consistent in futures trading. Understanding your decision making process and it's strengths and weaknesses can be the difference between success or failure.Join... Read more

How to Trade Like a Hedge Fund Manager

May 18, 2016
On the trading floor, the term ‘paper’ was used to denote the large institutional orders carried into the trading pits by brokers. While it is unethical (and illegal) to trade based on non-public information, once an order is sent to... Read more

Learn the Emini Scalping Secrets of a CME Pit Trader

May 13, 2016
Join Saul Shaoul, CME Group floor member, as he teaches you the online trading secrets of a floor trader. Saul will outline tips to identify trading opportunities within the parameters of special trading floor pivots and key support and resistance... Read more

A Strategic Tool to Find Confirmation in Any Market

May 6, 2016
Many traders struggle to find confirmation before taking a trade. Without confirmation, their confidence dips, affecting their trading. One way to increase confidence is through the use of MACD.Join Anthony Crudele as he explains how MACD can be utilized as... Read more

The Secret to Setups that Work

April 29, 2016
Join Steve Wheeler of NaviTrader for this live event demonstrating a simple 3 step plan to help you improve trading consistency. These techniques can be applied the very next trading day and are designed to help you target powerful set-ups... Read more

How to Trade Futures with Market Depth and Volume Profile

April 22, 2016
Market depth and volume profile are effective tools for analyzing the markets, but they are commonly overlooked simply because most traders don’t understand how to use them. Market depth shows the standing buy and sell orders for a trading instrument... Read more

Friends Don’t Let Friends Trade Alone

April 13, 2016
Trading can be a lonely and hazardous venture. A paradigm shift is occurring however for many like-minded traders coming together in a synergistic community.Join Gabriel Brent as he shows you how to read price action and market structure using the... Read more