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How You Can Trade with Complete Confidence
By Barry Burns   
November 20, 2015

Title:How You Can Trade with Complete Confidence

Speaker:Barry Burns

Company: Top Dog Trading

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Join Barry Burns as he outlines how to "see" the reality of which way the market is moving and may continue to move by ignoring the noise and focusing on clear, unambiguous signals.

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Building Confidence and Patience Using Trend and Momentum
By Martin Rimes   
November 04, 2015

Title: Building Confidence and Patience Using Trend and Momentum

Speaker:Martin Rimes

Company: Hit the Market Trading

Many of you have provided webinar suggestions and in this NEW webinar for Trader Kingdom, Martin Rimes of Hit the Mark Trading will discuss tips for building confidence as a day trader. The information is applicable to position trading too, but examples will focus on day trading.

Join Martin as he shows you a quick review of using a momentum indicator, and then shares how you approach each morning's day trading. He will explain why you need a daily check list and why increasing confidence and patience is critical for the day trader. The daily check list is just one aspect of your mental preparation helping you to know the lay of the land before you trade.

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5 Big Mistakes Systematic Traders Make
By Kevin Davey   
October 23, 2015

Title: 5 Big Mistakes Systematic Traders Make

Speaker:Kevin Davey

Company: KJ Trading Systems

Whether you call it systematic, mechanical, rules based or algorithmic trading, many traders who follow set rules to make trading decisions do so incorrectly.

Join champion trader and best-selling author Kevin J. Davey as he discusses major mistakes that traders make. By avoiding the common mistakes, you can increase your odds of success through algorithmic trading.

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Zone Trading Redefined Using Orderflow & Volume
By Sean Kozak   
October 07, 2015

Title: Zone Trading Redefined Using Orderflow & Volume

Speaker:Sean Kozak

Company: Golden Zone Trading

Many traders struggle to find accurate buy and sell signals for discretionary and semi-automated trading. Learning how to find where the market is cheap and expensive can be a daunting task. By learning where to find these levels though, you can plan your trades in advance with a defined amount or risk and accuracy.

Join Sean Kozak, Founder of Golden Zone Trading, as he demonstrates tools to help you identify order-flow imbalances supported by volume profile.

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Been Bitten by the Market? Here's How to Bite Back!
By Dean Jenkins   
September 16, 2015

Title: Been Bitten by the Market? Here's How to Bite Back!

Speaker:Dean Jenkins

Company: Follow Me Trades

Join Dean Jenkins for a live webinar demonstrating how he combines Dow Theory, Elliot Wave and ART® (Applied Reality Trading) software to analyze the market trend and manage high probability trades.

This live online session will also review some simple techniques to analyze trading results and determine if you are at risk of "Getting Bitten" or are positioned to "Bite back." The techniques Dean will cover are equally effective on intraday timeframes, or on longer intervals. They also apply across many markets including Futures, Forex and Stocks.

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Simplified Trend and Momentum Trading
By Martin Rimes   
August 26, 2015

Title: Simplified Trend and Momentum Trading

Speaker:Martin Rimes

Company: Hit the Market Trading

Day trading is one of the more challenging forms of trading where all too often, less is more. Keeping your charts free of excess decision points and relying on a simplified approach often allows for faster day trading response time.

Join full time trader Martin Rimes for a live online discussion of simple price chart techniques which have stood the test of time using trend and momentum for trade entry and exit.

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Advanced Trading Applications for Smart Patterns
By Rob Mitchell   
August 07, 2015

Title: Advanced Trading Applications for Smart Patterns

Speaker:Rob Mitchell

Company: Market Traders Journal

Looking for ways to get caught in big trends? How about ways to understand and anticipate market action before it unfolds in real time with a known probability?

Join World Cup Champion trader Rob Mitchell for this live event where he will show you where traders get trapped on the wrong side of the market and their stop orders can help fuel market movement in the direction of your trade.

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What Happens in the US Market While you Sleep?
By Bill Costarides   
July 31, 2015

Title: What Happens in the US Market While you Sleep?

Speaker:Bill Costarides

Company: Night Scalper

Ever wonder what really happens in the US Night Market while you are asleep? Many traders are unaware that there is a night market they can access…one that has many benefits from the day session:

Less Volatile. Less Risk to Catch a Good Trend. Less Stress for you.

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Professional Trade Timing Strategies
By Barry Burns   
June 26, 2015

Title:The Importance of Market Cycles & Using Time in Addition to Price

Speaker:Barry Burns

Company: Top Dog Trading

"Retail traders (amateurs) are often right, but at the wrong time."

That is a quote from one of Barry Burns’ trading mentors and he has found it to be one of the most important things he has ever learned.

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Trading Bonds and the Crazy Cycle
By Jim McQuarrie   
June 17, 2015

Title: Trading Bonds and the Crazy Cycle

Speaker:Jim McQuarrie

Company: Strategic Daytrading

Many traders look at the bond markets and wonder how they differ from other markets such as the S&P500 or Crude Oil. In our webinar today, you will learn how the bond and notes markets can greatly reduce your crazy cycle and how to trade the Bonds in our Bond Trading Program.

Join Jim McQuarrie for this live event as he introduces how the bond and notes markets can greatly reduce your "crazy cycle". Jim will demonstrate how to choose the correct bar size based on volatility for each market as well as how often you should adjust your bar size.

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