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How to Trade Opening Gaps with a Quantified Edge
By Scott Andrews   
May 04, 2016

Title: How to Trade Opening Gaps with a Quantified Edge

Speaker:Scott Andrews


Many traders use opening gaps to execute trend trades, but did you know that fading the open is often the easier strategy?

Join Scott Andrews, "The Gap Guy," and learn how he has successfully traded the opening gap for over a decade using simple concepts that can be quantified and proven.

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How Supply & Demand Forms at Support & Resistance
By Will Busby   
April 20, 2016

Title: How Supply & Demand Forms at Support & Resistance

Speaker:Will Busby

Company: Pure Financial Academy

Support and resistance are rather easy to spot on a price chart when compared to supply and demand. However, this key piece of underlying price action information can help provide an edge that many traders are searching for in their live trading.

Join Will Busby for this live event demonstrating how you can identify and combine these 2 powerful forces to help you make well educated trading decisions.

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A Better Way to Trade
By Bill Costarides   
April 15, 2016

Title: A Better Way to Trade

Speaker:Bill Costarides

Company: Night Scalper

Ever wonder what really happens in the US Night Market while you are asleep? Many traders are unaware that there is a night market they can access…one that has many benefits from the day session:

Less Volatile. Less Risk to Catch a Good Trend. Less Stress for you.

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How to Determine If Today Will be a Trend or Range Day
By Corey Rosenbloom   
April 01, 2016

Title: How to Determine If Today Will be a Trend or Range Day

Speaker:Corey Rosenbloom

Company: Afraid to Trade

How can you spot trend days early? What specific factors precede trend days? What "time of day" markers can you use to determine what type of intraday trading session we'll have?

Join Corey Rosenbloom, CMT as he describes specific "time of day" factors you can use right now to put yourself on the right side of big intraday market moves. Know the factors that precede intraday trend days and range days and how to monitor these throughout the trading day.

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The Next Evolution in Effective Day Trading
By Troy Epperson   
March 16, 2016

Title:The Next Evolution in Effective Day Trading

Speaker:Troy Epperson

Company: NOFT-Traders

Are you tired of flipping money at bad trade locations? Do you second guess your entries?

Join Troy Epperson of NOFT Traders for this live event and learn how to avoid being stopped out and boost your confidence starting with your very next trade. Tory will demonstrate his approach to hunt and stalk hidden institutional order flow sequences that control over 90% of daily volume in the markets.

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Jumpstart Your Systematic Trading With One Key Concept
By Kevin Davey   
March 09, 2016

Title: Jumpstart Your Systematic Trading With One Key Concept

Speaker:Kevin Davey

Company: KJ Trading Systems

Just take a tour around most trading venues, and you’ll see the “hot” topics of the day: a revolutionary entry technique, a shiny new indicator, a recently uncovered secret trading strategy, or some new-fangled price bar.

Unfortunately, most of these hot tickets do not lead to long term consistent trading. For most traders, it is like searching for water in a bone dry desert. What can really help you achieve trading success then?

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The Mother of All Bubbles - What to Know About Trends & Trend Reversals
By Hubert Senters   
March 04, 2016

Title: The Mother of All Bubbles - What to Know About Trends & Trend Reversals

Speaker:Hubert Senters


Trying to navigate in uncertain market conditions can be difficult and there are many tools designed to help with this navigation.

Join Hubert Senters for this online event as he introduces how to identify trends and trend reversals. He will share with you the tools that help him to stay on the right side of the market.

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Supply & Demand Imbalances Using Volume Profile Accuracy
By Sean Kozak   
March 02, 2016

Title: Supply & Demand Imbalances Using Volume Profile Accuracy

Speaker:Sean Kozak

Company: Golden Zone Trading

Many traders struggle to find accurate buy and sell signals for day trading or swing trading futures and forex markets. Learning how to find where the market is cheap and expensive can be a daunting task. By learning where to find these levels though, you can plan your trades in advance with a defined amount or risk and accuracy.

Join Sean Kozak, Founder of Golden Zone Trading, as he demonstrates tools to help you identify order-flow imbalances supported by volume profile.

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Trend & Momentum Day Trading – Back to the Basics!
By Martin Rimes   
February 12, 2016

Title: Trend & Momentum Day Trading – Back to the Basics!

Speaker:Martin Rimes

Company: Hit the Market Trading

If you are ready for a webinar you can watch and immediately start testing concepts, don’t miss this session introducing an actionable approach to trend and momentum day trading!

Join Martin Rimes, of Hit the Mark Trading as he presents a "back to basics" webinar ideal for those traders paralyzed by too many chart indicators. This information overload often leads to inability to pull the trigger and inconsistent results.

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Actionable Price Action and Order Flow Patterns that Work in Any Market
By Rob Mitchell   
January 27, 2016

Title: Actionable Price Action and Order Flow Patterns that Work in Any Market

Speaker:Rob Mitchell

Company: Indicator Smart

Watch the market cycle throughout the day and learn how you can catch almost every cycle in the market.

In this webinar, World Cup Champion trader and trading mentor Rob Mitchell will show you how to find market cycles. Rob will also demonstrate advanced techniques showing where traders consistently get trapped on the wrong side of the market and how their stop orders can help fuel market movement in the direction of your trade.

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