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European Market Outlook: Dollar-Yen Pushes Higher

January 13, 2017
MARKETS FOREX: It was a quiet end to another busy week in the Asia-Pacific region, the dollar was mostly unchanged against its peers, with a couple of exceptions. Dollar-yen pushed above the Y115 handle and held a Y114.55 to Y115.18... Read more

ICE Softs Fast Facts: The New Year Starts with a Bang

January 11, 2017
Softs Complex The Softs Complex was jolted upwards as the dollar weakened and traders zeroed in on weather forecasts for dryness in Brazil. The rallies have started to fizzle already and may not be a brilliant New Year fireworks display... Read more

Dollar Index Testing Resistance

January 9, 2017
Today's US Equity Market Commentary reviews the week commencing January 8, 2017. Indecision closing out 2016 in the Dollar Index indicates we could see a pullback to the downside in this market on the monthly time-frame. Time will tell if... Read more

European Market Outlook: Market Awaits the US Jobs Report

January 6, 2017
MARKETS FOREX: It was a fairly low-key affair in Asia-Pacific region, the dollar made some modest gains against its peers on position adjustment ahead of tonight's Non-farm payrolls. Dollar-yen opened at Y115.35 and trading in a Y115.07 to Y116.13 range,... Read more

Daily CME Market Study

January 5, 2017
We're looking for continued follow-through to the upside in the NASDAQ for the next few trading sessions. Euro is strengthening against the Dollar, and it's expected that this will continue for the day. Although Crude Oil is bullish, we're not... Read more

The Rooster Call: New Year, New Hope for the Bulls in Index Futures

January 3, 2017
Hit the Mark Trading's Brief Review of Overnight Market Action Setting the Tone for the Trading Day US Markets There is joy in the air with global equity indexes surging in overnight price action. Let's attribute this rise to crude... Read more

European Market Outlook: US Dollar Eases in the Last Full Session of 2016

December 29, 2016
MARKETS FOREX: The US dollar was broadly weaker during the Asia-Pacific region as UST yields continued to edge lower. Dollar-yen slipped from Y117.26 to Y116.64, the move was also aided by Japanese equities, the Nikkei trading lower by some 1.3%.... Read more

Daily CME Market Study

December 28, 2016
The NASDAQ made some new highs, but fundamentally, we're looking for a fairly sideways market as we go into the end of the week. We are expecting some strength in this market to close out the week though. No dramatic... Read more

Daily CME Market Study

December 21, 2016
The NASDAQ has been quiet, although for the day, we could be anticipating some movement to the upside. Thursday will likely be more important for this market. Momentum in the Euro is slowing, and Dan believes sellers should enter this... Read more

Dollar Index Uptrend and Possible Pullback

December 19, 2016
Today's US Equity Market Commentary reviews the week commencing December 18th, 2016. The Dollar Index is in an uptrend currently coming into this week. However, we may be looking for a pullback during the week at some point. Adam Harris... Read more