JS Services Price Map | Russell 2000

Russell 2000 | 2/15/2016 – 2/19/2016

JS Services provides structure and actionable opportunity to traders each day with its JSDesktop application.

JS Desktop Application

Application is a comprehensive market resource that provides traders with a strategy PLAYBOOK to optimize trading tactics. The JSDesktop does this by improving market state awareness and identifying market structure. The Desktop contains a data utility feature that allows it to integrate with NinjaTrader as a Chart overlay.

Chart Overlay

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Preview this week’s market with the Monday report: Russell 2000 | 2/15/2016
For each day’s report, be sure to read the full article every day and follow the Performance Re-cap on practical application of the analytics.

JSPLAYBOOK Performance Re-Cap
Russell 2000 | 2/15/2016 Russell 2000 | 2/15/2016
Russell 2000 | 2/16/2016 Russell 2000 | 2/16/2016
Russell 2000 | 2/17/2016 Russell 2000 | 2/17/2016
Russell 2000 | 2/17/2016 Russell 2000 | 2/17/2016
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JS Services Practical Application

JStrader Development
Development of a sustainable Trade Plan