Trading Risk Management Tool – 30 Year US Bond Daily Report

Russell 2000 – 08/15/11

The JS Services’ Price Map is a series of support and resistance levels that are qualified and weighted into a powerful trading tool. The system incorporates an array of technical studies, drawing from both classical and proprietary analytical techniques, into a risk management tool that pinpoints shifts in market momentum for trade entry and exit. The Price Map is designed for the current trading session.

Russell 2000 – 08/15/11
Russell 2000 – 08/16/11
Russell 2000 – 08/17/11
Russell 2000 – 08/18/11
Russell 2000 – 08/19/11

General Intro Concepts
What Is The Price Map?
Entry Strategies

JS Services Price Map Overview
JS Technical Outlook
Price Map Strategy Development

JS Services Price Map Practical Application
Practical Application example- Strategy Based Trading R and Critical Range Price Map Strategies
Practical Application Example -BEAR TREND ACCELERATION