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Why "Trading Systems" Haven't Worked for You
By Will Busby   
April 11, 2014

Join Will Busby of Pure Financial Academy for this live event introducing how to read pure price action from the mindset of an institutional trader. Incorporating what he considers the "truths" about the financial markets, watch Will review supply and demand trading in a non-conventional way.

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Predictive Analysis: Automatic Supply and Demand Zone Trading
By Will Busby   
December 11, 2013

Watch Will Busby of Pure Financial Academy in this live introduction to reading pure price action with an insight to predictive analysis.

Join Will as he demonstrates how the all new PFA Zoning MTF 2.0 will differentiate institutional buying and selling from commercial and retail trading. Attendees will get a deep understanding of an institutional trading mindset.

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The Mass Extinction of Technical Indicators
By Michael Lydick   
October 23, 2013

There are quantum leaps...points in any industry where the rules across an entire industry change virtually overnight.

Trading is at one such point - with the most recent reports exposing that market liquidity now comes from Algorithmic Trading.

Join Michael Lydick for this online event discussing how the futures, Forex, commodities, and equities markets have reached an artificial intelligence "tipping point" where conventional technical indicators may no longer be enough to maintain statistically relevant competitive edges for smaller retail investors and day traders.

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Trade Intraday Following the Path of Least Resistance
By Rob Mitchell   
August 29, 2013

Learn why the trade set-up may be one of the least important parts of effective trading.

Markets, like electricity, move away from areas of high resistance into areas of no resistance where they can travel more freely; the path of least resistance as it is called. By identifying areas where price movement is unencumbered, simple trading and money management strategies that would otherwise be worthless, can become highly effective. Join veteran trader, market researcher and trading championship winner Rob Mitchell for this live event reviewing the fundamentals of market movement.

How to Design Your Own Unique Theory of Trading
By Jeff Quinto   
August 28, 2013

Do you have your own unique "Theory of Trading" to help guide your trading career?

Join Jeff Quinto for this live webcast introducing his theory and outlining how you can design your own to serve as the foundation of your trading.

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Reading Pure Price Action
By Will Busby   
August 16, 2013

Join Will Busby of Pure Financial Academy for this live introduction to reading pure price action.

Watch Will demonstrate how price action is used as a leading indicator for upcoming moves in the financial markets. Attendees will gain an understanding of how price is related to everyday psychology and how the institutions use it to their advantage.

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Order Flow Analysis - "See" What Traders Are Doing
By Aamar Hussain   
June 06, 2013

Order Flow is what defines everything you see on your charts: the new highs on the S&P, what your indicators are doing, everything!

The actions of every market participant from a major institution to an individual trading at home are on show in the order flow.

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Adapt to the Markets with the Attractor/Repulsor Coefficient
By Erik Long   
May 22, 2013

Most traders that have been active for any length of time know how important it is to adapt to current market conditions.

While this is easy to say, it is much more difficult to do. Statistical indicators and previous chart patterns provide some idea of what may happen, but it is much more important to know, "what is happening."

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Four Steps to Consistency in Futures Trading
By Jeff Quinto   
May 08, 2013

Join Jeff Quinto, veteran trader and world-class futures trading coach, as he explains “Four Steps” designed to help you reach consistency in your futures trading.

Jeff has trained hundreds of traders from around the world over the past 13 years and he has developed this four-step process to help traders move from wherever they are in their trading to the consistency they seek.

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DeMystifying Market Profile - A Trader's Introduction
By Charles Cochran   
May 01, 2013

For many traders, Market Profile is simply a chart featuring a jumble of letters with some undecipherable meaning.

Join Charlie Cochran as he explains how the Profile is really a logical, statistical representation of the market that, when combined with volume, can provide traders with an edge in any market.

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