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Over the past couple of sessions we have seen the Nasdaq, XLF, and S&P get back below their 20 day moving averages and the Transports get in striking distance of their lows of the year, but the Dow Industrials have not followed this pattern. They have been holding above their 20 day moving average and to me this divergence is what kept the markets from rolling over yesterday. The reason I say this is because the markets are not seeing a wide spread selloff it is more sector based. This is good news for the bulls and bad news for the bears.

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Yesterday was a real opportunity for the bears to put the bulls back on their heels, but it just didn't happen. The bears had the VIX rallying well above their 50 day moving average at 16.83 and the Transports closing in on their August low at 4,930. They had the Dow Industrials trading well below their 20 day moving average and in striking distance of their 50 day moving at 12,958. Whichever moving average that the Dow breaks in the coming days (the 20 day at 13,147 or the 50 day at 12,958) could lead the direction for the entire market.

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Title: Getting Ready for a Great Fall

Speaker:Jeff Quinto


Join Jeff Quinto, veteran trader and world-class trading coach, for this unique event outlining what you may need to do when volatility spikes and the market takes off.

Jeff will explain what spikes in the market mean and what can be learned from market spikes. He will also review how to use the VIX as a marker for volatility.

Lastly, and most importantly, Jeff will talk about how rational risk management and concrete discipline can help you advance should the market fall.

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Good morning traders. I am not going to attempt to ramble on this AM and fill this spot with summaries of overnight news stories or longer-term macro thoughts - largely speaking that type of commentary does not fit in entirely with our IPA Trading Methodology or for the average duration of our trades, 1-2 days. No, rather I will simply offer a candid assessment of the market from a technical perspective in an attempt to explain why markets are so quiet and fickle at present.

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U.S. Treasuries were probably one of the most boring investment vehicles on the market. They were mostly used by long-term investors who were happy receiving 5% interest on a guaranteed security.

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