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I want to go back to something Marty Schwartz said that actually occurred this past week for me.

It is something that I struggled with when I started trading, not so much now and when the opportunity to jump was there this week, I continued to exercise something that can keep you on the winning side of a career.

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Many option traders use butterfly spreads for a neutral outlook on the underlying. The position is structured to profit from time decay but with the added benefit of a "margin of error" around the position depending on what strike prices are chosen.

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We all know options are derivatives, and their prices are derived from the underlying stock, index, or ETF. But with other factors at work such as implied volatility, time decay, etc. Have you ever wondered how can you know how much an option is going to move with respect to say the underlying? Very simple - check out its delta.

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Title: Optimal Use of Futures Leverage

Speaker:Austin Passamonte

Company: Coiled Markets

When it comes to trading, there's a lot of education out there, all targeted toward helping traders become successful. Even so, sometimes useful tools get pushed to the wayside. One of these seldom-discussed but vitally important tools for successful trading is positions management and executions.

One of these seldom-discussed but vitally important tools for successful trading is positions management and executions.

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Being a trader I'm always interested in articles and books on trading. I like to see how other traders do things, and every once in a while I'll learn something new. I just finished an interesting book on Stock trading the other day. The book itself isn't important, there are a thousand books just like it, but what I found interesting is what the author of the book tells his readers to do compared to what the author does himself.

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