Technical Analysis

4 Questions to Ask Yourself During a Market Correction

March 23, 2017
While it is nice to see one’s well crafted forecast start to play out, it is rare to see prices just move in a straight line. That means you will inevitably have to sit through a correction. Let’s face it,... Read more

Now, Here We Go!

March 22, 2017
In today's video, Hubert shares his analysis since the recent US Stock Index Market pullback, as well as his strategy for these situations. To learn more from Hubert, sign-up for free trading updates at his site, This website is... Read more

Quad Market Movement as the Stock Market Crashes

March 22, 2017
This morning we just updated the “Stock market crashing through key target levels” but what’s happening beyond the stock market? What’s happening to Gold, US Treasuries, and the US Dollar?  Are they surging or crashing too? Let’s find out as... Read more

E-mini S&P 500 Futures After 1% Lower Close

March 22, 2017
For today's analysis, Scott shares a quantified tip for trading the E-mini S&P 500 Futures after a 1% lower close. Interesting in learning more from Scott? Then check out for additional material. This website is for educational purposes only.... Read more

Identifying J-Hook Candlestick Patterns

March 21, 2017
The J-hook pattern is a very easy pattern to recognize. It also has high probability implications of what the next wave/price move will be. To learn more from Stephen, be sure to sign-up for his free 12 Signals To Master... Read more

Zone Analysis on Gold ETFs

March 20, 2017
This week on we will be looking at Gold ETFs. The Gold Futures market has had a nice pullback and I am looking at Gold to Rally. However on the ETF markets it looks a little different. Interested in learning... Read more

Watching the Markets and Waiting

March 20, 2017
People seem to be watching and waiting following the update from the Fed last week. We didn't really get the follow-through that was expected, so this could be why we're seeing this more indecisive sentiment now. Dean Jenkins is the... Read more

Fibonacci Trading Strategy – Fibonacci Extensions

March 17, 2017
Here's a technique that goes beyond simply using a Fibonacci retracement for entries. This shows you how to use Fibonacci extension for exits. This works equally well for the stock market and futures a E-minis. For more from Barry, visit... Read more

Why This is So Dangerous?

March 16, 2017
In today's video, Hubert shares his analysis of the bonds taking into account the FOMC. Hubert discusses the danger in trusting a negative correlation between the index futures and interest rates. This obviously didn't pan out with yesterday's updates. To... Read more

Here Goes our Fourth Successful SPX Bull Flag Since November

March 16, 2017
If you’re keeping track, the market is poised to complete its fourth successful Bull Flag Retracement since reversing higher in November 2016. While it’s an impressive feat, it’s our job to make it profitable as price continues the bullish pathway.... Read more