E-mini Ping Pong Trading at the Range Highs

Last week’s breakout sent the market back toward the prior high.

However, today we’re seeing another pullback from the high to a key pivot Level.

Here’s today’s updated Emini (@ES) trading levels for your trades:

ES - 60 Minute Chart

Here’s a quote to reference from Monday’s member report:

For Tuesday we’re bullish above 2,285 and 2,290 into the “Open Air” pocket to keep the tiny range going.

With price AT the highs, we’re seeing a natural consolidation and pullback in motion at the moment.

A new “tiny” range has developed between the 2,295 @ES level and the 2,285 level as highlighted.

Beneath that we have our short-term Fibonacci Grid levels in play (as highlighted).

Frame your trades – and thus the game plan – on trading the departure (up/down) away from our achieved target.

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