Emini Playing Again at the Highs

Monday morning may be the beginning of a “bull trap” should price remain under the breakout high.  Will it?

Here’s today’s updated Emini (@ES) trading levels for your trades:

30 Minute ES Chart

Our bullish V-Spike Reversal off 2,228 set the stage for a continuation of the uptrend and bull market.

After two pullbacks (retracements), price surged to new all-time highs Friday.

However, Friday afternoon into Monday morning gave us a pullback under 2,270 which is a make-or-break point.

Should price remain beneath 2,270, expect a swing back toward 2,255 (failure to break out).

Any move back above 2,270 could trigger a powerful short-squeezed breakout but we’re not quite there yet.

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