The Expected Emini Bounce Materializes

Here we go – after a pullback exactly to our 2,080 target, buyers are creating our expected bounce now.

Here’s today’s updated Emini (@ES) trading levels for your trades:

Emini @ES Fibonacci

First, take a look at yesterday’s update for the larger Fibonacci Grid and our 2,080 target – spot on today.

Next, read these quotes from last night’s premium membership planning report for today:

“We’re actually going to make an aggressive BULLISH BOUNCE forecast going into Friday’s session, mainly because we’re seeing price achieve our Fibonacci Target (I posted yesterday and to blog readers this morning) into 2,080.  That’s also the rising 200 day SMA (see Daily Chart) and we’re seeing POSITIVE DIVERGENCES (see right side of chart) into this support pivot.”

Ultimately, that’s exactly what happened today – and I’m showing the bounce so far with the divergences.

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