Just Showing the Pure Price E-mini Breakout

The market is surging this morning, extending the bull market with a short-squeezed bullish breakout.

Here’s today’s updated Emini (@ES) trading levels for your trades:

ES Chart

As usual, there are no Fibonacci Pullback Levels to consider when price is surging to new highs.

A Fibonacci Grid requires a swing high – which isn’t yet in place – and a prior low (or prior lows).

As such, we’ll just keep our “Alternate Short-Squeezed Breakout” thesis going while buyers continue to dominate and decimate the sellers.

Price Price Price!

To sum, here’s a direct quote from our prior Member Strategy Plan:

This market (buyers) refuse to give-back ground. We continue to be on guard for a pullback and just saw two days of bearish initial retracement activity.

It’s possible that’s all we see, and thus we’ll get ready to trade long/bullishly above 2,365 toward 2,400.

If it feels funny to read “2,400″ keep in mind that’s it’s just as weird for me to write it but then again, 2,300 once seemed out of reach.

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