Technical Analysis

What does “Market Profile” say about the present market environment

March 17, 2009
What does "Market Profile" say about the present market environment? Does it provide something that other methodologies do not, and if so, what? First let's discuss the present environment and what is different about it from other panics, what may... Read more

Risk Control — the only path to success!

February 12, 2009
In these immensely turbulent financial markets, the two words risk and control are probably being used together more than any other combination! If risk had been controlled with more discipline through the financial systems of the world, the consequences of... Read more

China’s Gold Market

February 11, 2009
The spread between the China spot and June futures has since narrowed considerably. As the contract moves toward delivery there is a natural convergence toward the cash price, however, by mid February the difference was still 7-8 Yuan per gram.... Read more

Introduction to Eliott Wave Theory

February 4, 2009
Black Swan Capital applies Elliott Wave theory in its analysis of the currency markets. We consider it a very important tool within our technical arsenal. Our objective in applying Elliott Wave is to help us to identify low risk entry... Read more

Real GDP is Trade Balance

January 22, 2009
The trade balance is a major indicator of foreign exchange trends. Seen in isolation, measures of imports and exports are important indicators of overall economic activity in the economy. It is often of interest to examine the trend growth rates... Read more

Leading Economic Indicators

January 21, 2009
There are three indexes of economic indicators that are constructed by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce and used to forecast the performance of the business cycle. (1) The index of leading economic indicators, (2) The index of roughly coincident indicators,... Read more


January 20, 2009
Consumer Price Index Inflation is a measurement of increasing price levels. The inflation rate is the percentage at which prices of a basket of goods is increasing over a specified time period. The typical measurement of average price levels is... Read more

When Will The U.S. Be Ready to Play Ball Again?

January 5, 2009
Living down in Florida grants you many exclusive pleasures that very few other places can. Among them is Major League Baseball’s Spring Training -- that magical time once a year when fans get an up-close sneak peek into the season... Read more