Technical Analysis

VIX Action this Week

November 30, 2016
In today's video, Rob dives into swing trading on the VIX and as well as some action in this market from earlier this week. Rob shares his views on the markets post-election, and with looming recount news. To learn more... Read more

Soybean Futures Market Projection for This Week

November 29, 2016
This week, we take a look at Soybean Futures and our projection based on the supply and demand zones drawn by the APA Zones software. Soybeans have put in the seasonal bottom and have rallied smartly to the upside. Rather... Read more

Candlestick Patterns with a Highlight on the Dow

November 29, 2016
This week's market direction update from Stephen Bigalow starts with the bullish Dow Jones Industrial Average. This market's bullish momentum has slowed, but is still in an uptrend. Stephen shares his insights on what to look for in the DJIA... Read more

E-mini Futures Trading Basics: Using the TICK Index

November 25, 2016
The TICK index has been a favorite tool of day traders for many years. However the way it's usually taught is exactly the opposite of what actually works in real trading. Consider adding this tool to your trading method and... Read more
30 Minute ES Chart

Yet Another E-mini Divergence at the New Highs

November 23, 2016
Breakout? Pullback? Extended Uptrend getting more extended? Divergent Reversal? Let’s plan! Here’s today’s updated Emini (@ES) trading levels for your trades: We have a new Fibonacci Grid for the moment that will remain active IF price does retrace from the... Read more Slower Markets Expected for Thanksgiving Week

November 22, 2016
Typically, with the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday week, we see some of the bigger institutional players taking a break. Due to the decreased overall participation, we'll likely see a slower week in the index futures. In this video, Dean Jenkins provides... Read more

S&P 500 – Pattern Forming the Past 3 Days

November 15, 2016
For today's analysis, here’s a quantified tip for trading the S&P 500 the pattern forming over the past 3 days. Interesting in learning more from Scott? Then check out for additional material. This website is for educational purposes only.... Read more

Gold Remains Bearish but Expect a Bounce

November 15, 2016
GOLD ANALYSIS For gold bugs it has been another tumultous week, with the price of gold collapsing as Donald Trump marched into the White House, sweeping all before him and confounding the polls once more. For pollsters it was another... Read more

Candlestick Patterns Closing the Election Week

November 11, 2016
The Dow was up strong, while the NASDAQ headed South. The graphics of candlestick analysis allows investors to see which sectors are going to be the most bullish because of the election and which ones would be the most bearish... Read more

Bonds Are Melting Away

November 10, 2016
In today's video, we take a look at treasury futures markets. 30 year and 10 year note futures are falling substantially as well as their ETF market cousins. Get Hubert's thoughts on these market moves and what he's looking for... Read more