ZN Trade Setups from the Daily Futures Report

Probable Net Trend for the Next Few Days

Dual Time Frame Momentum: With the (13) 60M DTosc bullish, the next (21) 15M DTosc bullish reversal should be followed by a rally lasting several trading hours.

Pattern: The rally off the July 7 low has more impulsive than corrective characteristics.

Price: A decline below the July 17 low at 126’11 signals a W.1 or A high should be complete.

Summary: With the (8) daily DTosc bearish, a high lasting several trading days should be near completion, if not complete July 17, very likely a W.1 or A high.

Notes Swing Trade Strategy

Short following a decline below the 127’00 minor swing low as long as the (13) 60M DTosc is not BearOS or bullish. If a short trade is triggered, exit strategies for a part of the short position should be considered if the July 18 low is taken out to secure profit.


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