Trading Psychology and Tips

Achieving Emotional Control in the Midst of Trading Uncertainty

January 17, 2017
Traders have no idea of the mine field that they step into when they decide to learn to trade. It is instinctive to fear uncertainty and its cousin probability when real capital risk as part of the equation. It is... Read more

Goodbye 2016! Developing the Mind for Trading in 2017

December 30, 2016
Looking Back on the Year The Holidays are here.  Where did all the time go?  When you look back over your trading goals for the year, has Santa magically given you the gift of consistent profitability?  If not, where do... Read more

Turning Fear and Aggression into an Asset in Your Trading

December 23, 2016
Working against your emotional nature gets traders in trouble all the time. But what it you learned how to effectively work with your emotional nature? Instead of fighting it in a losing cause, you can learn to harness the emotional... Read more

Slip Slidin’ Away – Certainty in Trading

November 25, 2016
There's an old Paul Simon song with this refrain: Slip slidin' away Slip slidin' away You know the nearer your destination The more you're slip slidin' away Traders want to believe with every ounce of their being that they are... Read more

Developing the Mind for Trading

November 16, 2016
One Small Glitch What if there were one small glitch that was keeping you from the "promised land" in your trading?  One small glitch, that's all.  What would you do to correct that problem?  I bet you would be willing... Read more

Mastering Fear Based Trading: The Enemy Within

November 2, 2016
Many traders talk about the second guessing, the self-doubt, and the need to be right that becomes an enemy within them -- in the psychology that bring to trading. It is this enemy that has to be conquered before a... Read more

Opening Your Eyes to Mindful Trading

October 26, 2016
Traders get locked into a rigid point of view that robs them of their capacity to make effective trade decisions all the time. The trouble is – they do not see the problem though it causes them pain. Yet, they... Read more

Cracking the Code: Re-programming Your Gut Response to Fear

October 19, 2016
Trading exposes hidden flaws in your trading competence without any regard to your ego or past successes.  No matter how much knowledge you have accumulated about trading, that knowledge is so easily laid waste in the heat of the moment... Read more

The Real Path

October 12, 2016
When new, or even experienced traders run into problems, they typically try to ‘work harder’ in some way. Looking at more charts, reading more books and blogs, tryng to follow someone else, and staring even harder at the charts! Not... Read more

Mastering Fear: Cracking the Code to Successful Trading

October 11, 2016
How do you crack the code for success in trading? After all the time, effort, and money invested in learning how to trade, success in trading remains elusive. You have a hidden partner every time you sit down to trade... Read more