Trading Psychology and Tips

Trading Psychology That Actually Works!

October 5, 2016
You know those lists of personality traits or characteristics of ‘good traders’ – what happens after you read them? Do you get excited? Do you become hopeful? Do you become worried that maybe you don’t have the right stuff? Moreover,... Read more

Developing the Mind for Trading

October 4, 2016
Hi Trader! Ah, the summer doldrums are about to be over. Kids are back in school, vacations are over, and in Europe folks are home from August holiday. It's time to get in gear. What's going to be different for... Read more

Are you a Day Trader or Hobbyist?

September 30, 2016
Are you a trader or are you a trading hobbyist? Many that day trade consider themselves traders. Doesn’t risking money and placing trades make you a trader by definition?However, do you do the same things that professional traders do to... Read more

Invisible Walls

September 23, 2016
Why do you keep messing up when you have the knowledge and know what to do with it? But in the midst of risking capital, you fall apart again and again. The answer lies in the primitive survival instinct of... Read more

How Can You Take Your Trading to the Next Level?

September 15, 2016
Looking Like a Professional Trader When not actually trading, many a trader looks like a trading whiz. Then, as they are in the act of trading, self-doubt rises up in their minds and talks them out of acting on what... Read more

Improve Your Discipline and Trade with Confidence

September 14, 2016
Top traders agree that the key difference between winning traders and losing traders is psychology - being disciplined, relaxed and confident.Join Barry Burns for this live webinar as he shares his best insights regarding how to improve your trading discipline... Read more

Mindful Trading Through Perspective Shift

September 7, 2016
Traders get locked into a rigid point of view that robs them of their capacity to make effective trade decisions all the time. Trouble is – they do not see the problem though it causes them pain. Yet, they are... Read more

The Self Image – From the Mystery Of Mastery

September 2, 2016
This video covers the topic of self image and the role it plays into trading - from the Mystery Of Mastery By Kam Dhadwar To learn more from Kam, be sure to check out his blog. This website is for... Read more

The Paradox of Winning by Letting Go

August 30, 2016
Why Are There So Few Successful Traders When They Have the Right Tools? The rules governing trading success don’t seem to make much rational sense. In fact, they seem to defy the rules of universal success as most people understand... Read more

Resolve the Conflict – Your Emotional Nature vs. Your Trading Mind

August 26, 2016
Everybody knows that an effective trading mind needs to be rooted in logic and reason, but only a few traders know how to maintain a logical trading mind with capital at risk when the pressure is on.Do they know something... Read more