Do Chart Patterns Forecast the Future? A Look at an Overlooked Market Cycle.

One of the most popular trading methods is to look for Chart Patterns. In fact, some people claim they trade these alone, without the use of any indicators.

But amateurs know these same chart patterns (head and shoulders, double tops, double bottoms, triangles, wedges, etc.) and cannot make money with them.

So why don’t they work?

Or do they work … but only sometimes?

Today’s post will cover a cycle I’ve never heard anyone else ever talk about before:

Order/Chaos Cycles.

Whether you trade chart patterns, or indicators, or some combination of both, the cycle between order and chaos will have dramatic effects on your profit/loss column. Yet most people aren’t even aware it exists.

Well, today you will get that awareness!

I’ve recorded this post in Podcast format (audio only). You can download it to your mp3 device or listen to it right here on the web site.

The Podcast is below. Be patient, it’s almost 30 minutes long so it may take a long time to buffer before it starts playing. If it continues to buffer too long, click on the “Download” link below it (left click to play on your computer, right click to download the file to your computer).


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