Keep Your Trading Mind from Slip-Sliding Away

The potential exists for you to build a mind that produces success in trading. That is the dream that drives smart, hardworking people into trading. It seems so do-able, all it should require is effort. Yet traders hold that desire without understanding what they are undertaking. Their situation changes as they encounter the challenges that trading forces them to acknowledge.

Identifying Issues

So what is happening on your journey into prosperity?  If you are like the vast majority of traders plying their skills in trading, that potential is far from realized.  And it is so tantalizing.  You continue to see the potential, but (as Simon and Garfunkel wrote) “the closer you get to your destination, you more you slip-slide away”.  The goal of your trading remains elusive, while you still don’t understand what locks you into under-performance.

Your learning curve was supposed to be a linear progression, and certainly the knowledge of trading you have gathered over the years supports this linear growth theory.  But does your growth as a consistently profitable trader fall in line with this linear, certainty-based thinking?  That’s the rub that all traders have to face.  But when you come to this moment of reckoning, where linear growth thinking does not beget trading success, (but, rather, are disconnected from one another) how do you bridge the gap?

Preparing the Mind for Trading

If you are to bridge the disconnection between a strong knowledge base and peak performance, you are going to have to re-think your very personal relationship with uncertainty, vulnerability, fear and control.  Coming to the moment of where you know you are going to have to change the way your brain and mind engage the uncertainty of trading is an important moment in the growth of a trader.  Until this moment you stay stuck in the old mind that wants to control uncertainty despite the evidence to the contrary.

How do you change the brain and mind that engages uncertainty?  Clearly not by more of the same old stuff that has not worked before.  In the Traders State of Mind work, you will see a process laid out for a radically different way of making this change happen.  And in the Developing Traders State of Mind Group Course and the Ignite Your Spark Individual Course, this process comes alive.  In our Courses you learn how to work with both your biology and psychology to shift your response to the unknown from certainty-based methods of the survival brain seeking short-term survival solution to the development of a probability-based mind.

The Road to Consistency

Knowledge will never be enough.  Actually turning towards the discomfort of our fears of uncertainty and MASTERING THE SOURCE OF THOSE FEARS is the way to bridge the gap between your knowledge and being able to use your knowledge in the face of the unknown.  Imagine learning how to do this.  It’s not just your trading that changes – it is also many other domains of your life that open up for improvement. Suddenly you are no longer fearing the unknown and trying to control what is uncontrollable.  Instead you learn to approach life and the rest of uncertainty with curiosity and concern.

Within that uncertainty lies your potential.  The problem is that you have been approaching your potential as something to control and make happen by force.  And what you find in a probability-based mind is that potential exists as a possibility that you have to learn how to bring forth in the midst of uncertainty.  It is this skill of mindfully working with your potential that you learn in both the Group Course and the Individual Course.

Bridging the Gap

Both are like a new set of glasses that allow you to see things that you have never seen before.  And in this new vision, your potential as a trader and as a human being opens up to you very differently.  As you engage this month’s article, video, and webinar, really ask yourself – Are you willing to step out of the limitations of your current level of knowledge and master the self that trades?  Changing the observer that you are is what changes how you work with uncertainty.  I encourage you to develop the self that trades successfully.

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous 2017!

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