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The Secret to Setups that Work
By Steve Wheeler   
April 29, 2016

Title: The Secret to Setups that Work

Speaker:Steve Wheeler

Company: NaviTrader

Join Steve Wheeler of NaviTrader for this live event demonstrating a simple 3 step plan to help you improve trading consistency. These techniques can be applied the very next trading day and are designed to help you target powerful set-ups while protecting your existing profits.

In addition, Steve will introduce the 5-part checklist he uses to help manage his trading day. Following this simple routine can help to make your trading decisions easier and less stressful.

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How to Trade Futures with Market Depth and Volume Profile
By Lee Leibfarth   
April 22, 2016

Title: How to Trade Futures with Market Depth and Volume Profile

Speaker:Lee Leibfarth

Company: PowerZone Trading

Market depth and volume profile are effective tools for analyzing the markets, but they are commonly overlooked simply because most traders don’t understand how to use them.

  • Market depth shows the standing buy and sell orders for a trading instrument – the prices where traders want to buy and sell – which can help you spot areas of support and resistance.
  • Volume profile calculates trading activity over a specific time period, highlighting the prices that are popular with the market – and the prices that are not.
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Friends Don't Let Friends Trade Alone
By Gabriel Brent   
April 13, 2016

Title: Friends Don't Let Friends Trade Alone

Speaker:Gabriel Brent

Company: APA Zones

Trading can be a lonely and hazardous venture. A paradigm shift is occurring however for many like-minded traders coming together in a synergistic community.

Join Gabriel Brent as he shows you how to read price action and market structure using the APA Zones Neuro-Network software. Learn how you can grow & develop your trading under the tutelage of a mentor who keeps you accountable to your personally developed trading business plan.

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Remove the Emotions that Plague Your Trading
By Jim McQuarrie   
February 26, 2016

Title: Remove the Emotions that Plague Your Trading

Speaker:Jim McQuarrie & Kris Engnell

Company: Auto ProTrader

When traders take a step back and look at the flaws in their trading, negative emotions are often are area that many people focus on.

Join Jim McQuarrie for this live event as he introduces an approach to help remove the emotions from trading through the use of flexible automation. In addition, learn how you can leverage the Auto ProTrader VII to auto-trade the markets using hundreds of strategy combinations or how to use it at as a trade management tool for discretionary trading.

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Taking Order Flow from the Pit to the Screen
By Lewis Borsellino   
February 05, 2016

Title: Taking Order Flow from the Pit to the Screen

Speaker:Lewis Borsellino

Company: Man Over Market

How does a floor trader transition from the floor to screen? Join 25-year veteran S&P trader Lewis Borsellino to learn how he converted his tools & approach to find success trading from the screen.

When Lewis started trading, the depth was about a half million. Now, it's about 4 million a day as algos have replaced the locals in the pit front running the orders. Even after this significant increase in market depth, the fact is markets still trade the same.

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Using System Diversification for Discretionary Trading
By Adam Halpern   
February 03, 2016

Title: Using System Diversification for Discretionary Trading

Speaker:Adam Halpern

Company: Indicator Warehouse

Portfolio diversification is a tried and true investment strategy designed to minimize risk and capitalize on market fluctuations... but, what about using it for discretionary trading?

Join Adam Halpern of Indicator Warehouse for this live event to learn the best practices for applying investment portfolio management principles to your self-directed trading.

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Learn to Scalp like a Pro Direct from the CME Pit
By Saul Shaoul   
January 13, 2016

Title: Learn to Scalp like a Pro Direct from the CME Pit

Speaker:Saul Shaoul

Company: Floor Traders Club

Join Saul Shaoul, CME Group floor member, as he teaches you the online trading secrets of a floor trader.

Saul will outline tips to identify trading opportunities within the parameters of special trading floor pivots and key support and resistance levels. Learn to scan the market like the professionals!

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Entry-Exit Techniques for Positive Expectancy Trades
By Steve Wheeler   
December 11, 2015

Title: Entry-Exit Techniques for Positive Expectancy Trades

Speaker:Steve Wheeler

Company: NaviTrader

As every trader knows, it’s when you exit that counts. The exit dictates how effective you can be.

Join Steve Wheeler of NaviTrader as he demonstrates how to not only target the ideal exit for your trade, but also how to identify nice long trends. There is a reason that the “Trend is your Friend” is common phrase shared among many effective traders…so why not know how to find the high probability trends?

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Developing Consistency with Market Structure
By John Slazas   
December 09, 2015

Title: Developing Consistency with Market Structure

Speaker:John Slazas

Company: JS Services

Significant time, capital and emotion go into developing a trading tactic. Frustration comes when the win loss ratio shifts negative and there is no clarity as to why. The best guess is to re-validate the process to “fix” the problem. This reactive response does not solve why the trading tactics are not working, just that they are not working in the past environment.

Without a barometer there is no way to quantify how any adjustments improve a method. There is a sense of doubt and uncertainty. How do we see above the forest and have clear vision, to anticipate adjustments in our tactics to reduce risks and attain our performance goals? The answer is to have a structured strategy foundation that that is grounded in Market State awareness.

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How to Benefit from Hidden Order Flow
By Gabriel Brent   
November 13, 2015

Title: How to Benefit from Hidden Order Flow

Speaker:Gabriel Brent

Company: APA Zones

Although anyone can see hidden order flow, very few understand to effectively use this data in their trading. Large institutions have been using this data and advanced data mining techniques in their algorithms for years. Without the proper context however, self-directed traders face the challenge of how to best incorporate this data into their trading.

Join Gabriel Brent for this live webinar as he demonstrates how you can manually identify these levels or zones as they pertain to market trend and how you can capitalize on them.

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