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How Day Traders Using NinjaTrader Can Improve their Market State Awareness
By John Slazas   
March 20, 2015

Title: How Day Traders Using NinjaTrader Can Improve their Market State Awareness

Speaker:John Slazas

Company: JS Services

The challenges for today's technical day traders are formidable. The trading landscape has changed and it is dominated by fundamental trading with high frequency quants at one end and massive funds at the other. How do technical day traders compete and avoid being picked apart by predatory algos or run over by massive funds?

Join John Slazas for this fast paced webinar event introducing how day traders can incorporate market state as a strategy foundation for their trading tactics and how improving your awareness will allow for more intuitive trading.

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Trading Forex Using the Ichimoku Cloud
By James Ramelli   
March 06, 2015

Title: Trading Forex Using the Ichimoku Cloud

Speaker:James Ramelli


Join veteran trade James Ramelli for this exclusive live webinar introducing a tool set behind what he believes to be the best technical indicator in the world: the Ichimoku Cloud.

Ramelli credits 'The Cloud' for his success trading stock and options off-the-trading-floor, but through research, he discovered that Ichimoku works best in Forex Markets.

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Automate Your Strategies for Emotionless Trading
By Jim McQuarrie   
January 30, 2015

Title: Automate Your Strategies for Emotionless Trading

Speaker:Jim McQuarrie

Company: Strategic Daytrading

Struggling with consistency? Hard pressed to overcome emotion in your trading? Many traders recognize the benefits of the automation but quickly become overwhelmed when exploring their options to get started.

Join Jim McQuarrie of Auto ProTrader as he demonstrates an automation building and trading system designed to help those new to automation build and back-test their own strategies. Automate your own day trading or swing strategies...or get started with strategy templates as a to get up and running!

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Catch the Trend to Target Your Entries and Exits for All Instruments
By Darrell Martin   
January 23, 2015

Title: Catch the Trend to Target Your Entries and Exits for All Instruments

Speaker: Darrell Martin

Company: Apex Investing

Learn how to know how far markets will move each minute, hour, day, and week!

Join Darrell Martin for a live webcast introducing a pattern that will help you know how far the market will move and when volume is below or above expectations.

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Learn to Scalp like a Pro Direct from the CME Pit
By Saul Shaoul   
January 14, 2015

Title: Learn to Scalp like a Pro Direct from the CME Pit

Speaker:Saul Shaoul

Company: Floor Traders Club

Join Saul Shaoul, CME Group floor member, as he teaches you the online trading secrets of a floor trader.

Saul will outline tips to identify trading opportunities within the parameters of special trading floor pivots and key support and resistance levels. Learn to scan the market like the professionals!

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How to Trade TIME...In Addition to Price Action
By Michael Lydick   
November 14, 2014

Title: How to Trade TIME…In Addition to Price Action

Speaker: Michael Lydick

Company: Back to the Future Trading

In the 1980's, the trading world underwent a 'technical revolution'. The creation of technical indicators like the R.S.I. or A.D.X changed the way many traded and gave small retail traders a distinct edge that previously didn't exist. That edge is growing increasingly harder and harder to exploit however as many retail traders are aware.

Today, there is a new revolution underway - one that threatens the opportunities available to independent traders...the data mining revolution. Using advanced data mining programs, many institutions now wait for the highest probability times when the market is most susceptible to 'being pushed'.

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Automate Your Trading: If You Can Dream (and Quantify) It, You Can Trade It
By Lee Leibfarth   
November 05, 2014

Title: Automate Your Trading: If You Can Dream (and Quantify) It, You Can Trade It

Speaker:Lee Leibfarth

Company: PowerZone Trading

Walt Disney famously quoted, "If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse."

We can apply this same advice to trading - only we'll need quantifiable rules for the dream, and a computer to go along with that mouse. Traders can turn precise entry, exit and money management rules into automated trading systems that are executed by a computer. With automated trading, you can minimize emotions, respond faster to changing market conditions, eliminate pilot-error problems, and achieve greater consistency in your trading.

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My Secret Weapon for Finding Better Trades
By Hubert Senters   
October 22, 2014

Title: My Secret Weapon for Finding Better Trades

Speaker:Hubert Senters


One of the most important parts of trading is being able to identify the trend as quickly as possible. Identifying the trend, and being able to see possible changes before they happen. Far too often, traders have anywhere from 10-30 indicators loaded onto one chart cluttering their platform.

Maybe this works for some, but this kind of setup can often create an overload of information. Too much information can be just as bad as not enough information. Learning to use the right indicator for the right trade can be a game changer.

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The Big Secret to Trading Success No One Talks About
By Kevin Davey   
August 20, 2014

Title: The Big Secret to Trading Success No One Talks About

Speaker:Kevin Davey

Company: KJ Trading Systems

Most retail traders are worried about incorporating the latest entry technique, the newest indicator, the coolest exotic bar chart or a host of other trading "toys" into their trading approach.

Unfortunately, most of these gadgets and gizmos do not lead to long term consistent trading. There just is no "Holy Grail" entry method, exit method or position sizing approach that will make a trader suddenly successful.

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Two Unique Ways to Read Order Flow
By Anthony Drager   
August 13, 2014

Title: Two Unique Ways to Read Order Flow

Speaker: Anthony Drager

Company: MarketDelta

MarketDelta pioneered the Footprint chart and the notion of "SEE INSIDE THE CHARTS". With the value of the Volume Imbalance Footprint and the Big Lot trade filter, the Footprint is better than ever!

Join 13-year professional trader and exchange member Anthony Drager as he demonstrates how you can apply these tools together to target trade locations.

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