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Using the Footprint Chart to Accurately Target Trade Location
By Stephen Vettorel   
April 16, 2014

Join Stephen Vettorel for this live webinar demonstrating how he uses the Volume Imbalance Footprint to find optimal trading opportunities.

The Market Delta Footprint® Chart is being dubbed "a breakthrough for traders", providing more chart visibility, and letting traders look inside the bars and track buyers, sellers, volume, and most importantly....order flow!

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Order Flow Patterns in Oil, Currencies and Index Futures
By D.B. Vaello   
April 03, 2014

Join D.B. Vaello of Order Flow Analytics for this unique webinar event as he introduces the tick-by-tick volume analysis, strategies and technology he provides to hedge funds, trading advisors and prop-firms.

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Know the Daily and Intraday Expected Movement - Gain Your Edge
By Darrell Martin   
April 02, 2014

What if you could know how far the market is expected to move today? What if you knew how far it was expected to move each hour of the day?

Imagine what that could do for your trading. Set realistic targets, know when to trail stops, know when to stop adding in on a trend, and know when to look for a contrarian move.

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"Spring Trading Clinic": Set-Ups That Are Winning Right Now
By Rob Hoffman   
March 28, 2014

Join Rob Hoffman for this live event introducing his favorite trading set-ups that are working right now.

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High Probability Time + Price Setups based on Predictive Data Mining
By Michael Lydick   
March 20, 2014

There are quantum leaps...points in any industry where the rules across an entire industry change virtually overnight.

Trading is at one such point – with the most recent reports exposing that market liquidity now comes from Algorithmic Trading.

Join Michael Lydick for this online event discussing how the futures, Forex, commodities, and equities markets have reached an artificial intelligence “tipping point” where conventional technical indicators may no longer be enough to maintain statistically relevant competitive edges for smaller retail investors and day traders.

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"Spring Trading Clinic": Ride the Price Wave with Momentum Trading
By Martin Rimes   
March 14, 2014

Join full-time trader Martin Rimes for this unique webinar detailing how traders can use simplified momentum trading along with support and resistance levels. Martin’s approach helps traders create a simple, repeatable, and robust trading plan.

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Ultimate Support and Resistance Tools and Strategy
By Erich Senft   
March 12, 2014

"It's nearly impossible to trade consistently unless you truly understand Support and Resistance. If I was going to teach my kin one thing about trading it would be the true workings of support and resistance."

- Eric Senft, CTA, 20 Year Trading Veteran.

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"Spring Trading Clinic": Find Your Market & Pinpoint Low Risk Setups
By Hubert Senters   
March 07, 2014

Many traders often struggle to identify which market is the best fit for them. Trading the wrong market is like hitting yourself in the head with a feels great once you stop.

Identifying which markets match your personality can go a long way in helping to determine your success as traders.

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My Favorite Trading Method of the Last 10 Years
By Barry Burns   
February 21, 2014

Join Barry Burns, founder and President of Top Dog Trading, as he teaches traders how to "see" the reality of which way the market is moving and is likely to continue to move by ignoring the noise and focusing on clear, unambiguous signals.

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Optimal Use of Futures Leverage
By Austin Passamonte   
February 20, 2014

When it comes to trading, there's a lot of education out there, all targeted toward helping traders become successful. Even so, sometimes useful tools get pushed to the wayside. One of these seldom-discussed but vitally important tools for successful trading is positions management and executions.

One of these seldom-discussed but vitally important tools for successful trading is positions management and executions.

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