Event Details

Title: A Better Way to Trade

Date: October 13, 2016


Company: TradersDen24

Ever wonder what really happens in the US Night Market while you are asleep? Many traders are unaware that there is a night market they can access…one that has many benefits from the day session:

Less Volatile. Less Risk to Catch a Good Trend. Less Stress for you.

Join Bill Costarides for this live webinar sharing what really happens in the US night market with a special emphasis on the S&P E-Mini Futures. Bill will show you how the numbers that occur in the night market can significantly affect the day session and how you can use these as pivots in your own personal trading.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Which trade indicators show the true trend
  • Ideal markets to watch and trade at night
  • How to find low risk trade setups with HFT’s
  • How to put the trade on with confidence

Bill Costarides has been trading the S&P futures since it opened up in 1997. After years and years of placing orders over the phone to the night desk at his broker, he was actually one of the pioneers to test some of the original electronic trading platforms. In 2010 he brought his strategy to traders across the globe, sharing his knowledge, his strategy, and his money management skills that have made him a world-recognized expert on trading the “Globex. Bill continues to study and prepare for what the market will bring, and he shares that information and experience every night in his online trading room with his students. He calls real trades in a live market with his own money, and helps his listeners navigate from entry to target, while managing the money along the way.