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Title: Developing Consistency with Market Structure

Date: December 08, 2015


Significant time, capital and emotion go into developing a trading tactic. Frustration comes when the win loss ratio shifts negative and there is no clarity as to why. The best guess is to re-validate the process to “fix” the problem. This reactive response does not solve why the trading tactics are not working, just that they are not working in the past environment.

Without a barometer there is no way to quantify how any adjustments improve a method. There is a sense of doubt and uncertainty. How do we see above the forest and have clear vision, to anticipate adjustments in our tactics to reduce risks and attain our performance goals? The answer is to have a structured strategy foundation that that is grounded in Market State awareness.

Join John Slazas for a fast paced webinar event introducing JS Services Market State analytics which are integrated into the Ninja Trader platform. The analytics support your methods and improve consistency by providing structure to quantify and qualify trading opportunities.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • What is market state and why it dominates price action
  • The difference between price structure and market structure
  • Live examples of how market structure provides a foundation to optimize and quantify trading tactics
  • A look at how macro market structure aligns with the micro structure of the order-book to improve awareness.

John Slazas has over 25 years’ experience in the Futures and Options markets in such areas as trading, technical analysis, trade system design, trade execution and trader development. He is the Founder Partner of JS Services Research and Trading, LLC. The company was formed in 1984 as a full-service technical research company to provide objective trading tools that support exchange members and institutional trading houses.

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