Event Details

Title: Friends Don’t Let Friends Trade Alone

Date: April 12, 2016


Trading can be a lonely and hazardous venture. A paradigm shift is occurring however for many like-minded traders coming together in a synergistic community.

Join Gabriel Brent as he shows you how to read price action and market structure using the APA Zones Neuro-Network software. Learn how you can grow & develop your trading under the tutelage of a mentor who keeps you accountable to your personally developed trading business plan.

Topics to be discussed in this live webinar include:

  • How the utilization of statistics gives you an edge
  • The importance of a community for opportunities to engage with other traders
  • The use of a regimented personal trade plan to filter distractions & focus analysis

Gabriel Brent is the trader and programmer behind APA Zones. A few years ago, he saw a gap in the marketplace of trading for a new breed of indicator. Real time supply and demand based on pure price action, and a way to help define the “trend” and trade with it those very basic principles. APA Zones teaches and shows exactly that.

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