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Title: Insider’s Tips to Trading Three Classic Patterns

Date: October 09, 2014


Many traders, both new and existing, can often get caught up searching through complicated strategies to help identify more effective trading opportunities.

As is often the case, sometimes taking a step back to focus on classic, proven approaches can reveal simple strategies that deliver what traders are searching for.

Watch Corey Rosenbloom, CMT, in this recorded session as he focused on classic price patterns. Corey outlined his three favorite price patterns and detailed his new strategies to bring these “patterns of the past” into the markets of today.

Watch as Corey walked through each stage of the process he works through when trading these price patterns in the Russell and Dollar Index:

  • Recognition
  • Entry
  • Management
  • Exit

The “Technical Traders Forum” educational webinar series has brought together top industry educators focusing on technical approaches to index futures trading. These traders are active participants in today’s dynamic index markets, and the information they present should be useful to all traders. This series includes three events in October and is co-sponsored by Trader Kingdom, ICE Futures U.S. and NinjaTrader, organizations that encourage all traders to expand their knowledge about the markets.

Corey Rosenbloom holds the professional designation of Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and is the founder of Afraid to Trade. Corey founded Afraid to Trade to share some of his experiences and define trading strategies for the public which detail his unique style of incorporating both the larger perspective of inter-market analysis with the shorter, intraday trading techniques. Combined with classical price concepts, this approach can be employed to minimize risk and maximize opportunity.

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