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Title: Master Revenge, Impulse, and Over-Trading – The Keys to Disciplined and Patient Trading

Date: January 15, 2015


Emotions often sneak up on traders in the heat of trading and ambush them out of nowhere. Before you know it, your trading plan rules have been thrown out the door and you are acting recklessly by chasing trades, trying to get your money back, or impulsively over-trading.

How do you stop doing this? Traders can learn how to disrupt these self-limiting emotional patterns and develop the discipline needed to achieve their trading potential.

Join Rande Howell for this live webcast introducing the key to disciplined, patient trading and how to develop it for peak performance in your trading.

This informative session will show you what it takes:

  • To disrupt the urge to overtrade and revenge trade
  • To trade from a patient state of mind
  • To stop chasing trades
  • To manage emotions for a peak performance state of mind

Rande Howell (MEd, LPC) helps traders develop a peak performance state of mind. He is both a licensed therapist and performance coach whose work is grounded in emotional regulation, mindfulness, and Jungian archetypes applied to trading.

Rande’s work centers on how to break the fear-based beliefs that imprison a trader’s performance and block the development of a trader’s potential. He is the author of four books including Mindful Trading: Mastering Your Emotions and The Inner Game of Trading.

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