Event Details

Title: My Favorite Trade Setup for the Open

Date: September 08, 2016


Company: Investiquant

A trade setup is only beneficial if it has been shown to be consistent. Anyone can come up with a setup, it’s the ones that consistently work that you should be looking for.

Join Scott Andrews, “The Gap Guy,” and learn how he has successfully traded the open for over a decade using simple concepts that can be quantified and proven.

During this research-focused session, Scott will show you how he has fared trading this setup on over 200 trades that he has traded year-to-date. He will also explain what he has found to be the ideal target and stop placement for this setup. Finally, Scott will show how you can autotrade his exact signals using InvestiQuant’s NinjaTrader apps.

In this live event, you will learn:

  • Trading statistics you can use today
  • A simple step to improve your win rate
  • How to use Scott’s methods to fade the open

Scott Andrews is the Co-founder and CEO of InvestiQuant – an innovative financial services company helping traders and active investors achieve their goals using robust historical market analysis and quantified edges. Prior to IQ, he founded SciQuest, which he took public as CEO. Mr. Andrews earned his MBA from the University of North Carolina and served as an Army Aviator after graduating from West Point (USMA).

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