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Title: My Secret Weapon for Finding Better Trades

Date: October 21, 2014


One of the most important parts of trading is being able to identify the trend as quickly as possible. Identifying the trend, and being able to see possible changes before they happen. Far too often, traders have anywhere from 10-30 indicators loaded onto one chart cluttering their platform.

Maybe this works for some, but this kind of setup can often create an overload of information. Too much information can be just as bad as not enough information. Learning to use the right indicator for the right trade can be a game changer.

Join Hubert Senter for this live webinar introducing his secret weapon that has impacted every aspect of his trading.

Topics to be reviewed in this online event include how to:

  • Know the prevailing trend instantly on any chart
  • Identify a trend change without second guessing yourself
  • Know when it’s time to sell and avoid further falls in price

Hubert Senters is a professional day trader and the founder of HubertSenters.com. He and his companies have been featured on Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, Stocks and Commodities, and Traders Expo to name a few. He holds a Series 3 and 30 License and is a Principal at Razor Trading holdings.

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