Event Details

Title: Price Pattern Entries with Higher Time Frame Analysis

Date: October 18, 2016


Company: Auto ProTrader

Join Jim McQuarrie of AutoProTrader for this live online event introducing several low risk entry techniques with a money management plan and reward to risk assessment for each entry.

In addition, learn how you can leverage the NEW Auto ProTrader 8 to auto-trade the markets using hundreds of strategy combinations or how to use it at as a trade management tool for discretionary trading.

Automated trading helps remove the emotions from trading through a systematic entering of trades based on preselected criteria. Additional flexibility through automation can also allow for management by individual trade or by session with numerous order entry options based on your desired trading approach.

Jim McQuarrie, aka JAM The Trader, has over 20 years of experience in screen-based trading, trading systems, and educational programs designed for self-directed traders around the world. JAM’s trading experience includes equities, options, trade and money management, trading system development, mentoring traders, trading psychology, and market analysis. Auto ProTrader is dedicated to providing high quality trading education in a structure environment featuring a unique psychological approach to trading.