Event Details

Title: The Next Evolution in Effective Day Trading

Date: March 15, 2016


Are you tired of flipping money at bad trade locations? Do you second guess your entries?

Join Troy Epperson of NOFT Traders for this live event and learn how to avoid being stopped out and boost your confidence starting with your very next trade. Tory will demonstrate his approach to hunt and stalk hidden institutional order flow sequences that control over 90% of daily volume in the markets.

Topics to be discussed include how to:

  • Find institutional order flow sequences
  • Identify 3 institutional traps that cause 98% of traders to buy the wrong side
  • Monitor order flow sequences that make popular trend and counter-trend trade setups more effective
  • Use order flow sequences to put you ticks ahead of retail traders using lagging indicators

In the early 1990s Troy Epperson started trading for a renowned hedge fund, then became head trader on a proprietary trading desk. In 2003 he started successfully trading his own money for a living. Besides his full-time job as a successful trader, Troy is one of the top instructors for NOFT, teaching futures and stock traders how to use order flows to earn full-time professional trader incomes by trading with the institutions instead of against them.

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