Event Details

Title: Trading Supply and Demand Zones with Orderflow

Date: October 25, 2016


Company: APA Zones

Although anyone can see order flow, very few understand to effectively use this data in their trading. Large institutions have been using this data and advanced data mining techniques in their algorithms for years. Without the proper context however, self-directed traders face the challenge of how to best incorporate this data into their trading.

Join Gabriel Brent for this live webinar as he demonstrates how you can manually identify these levels or zones as they pertain to market trend and how you can capitalize on them.

Topics to be discussed in this live webinar include how to:

  • Draw supply and demand zones
  • Trade supply and demand
  • Identify differences between supply and demand and support/resistance
  • Time your trades
  • Trade with orderflow of trend
  • Trend Trade with a Neural Network

Gabriel Brent is the trader and programmer behind APA Zones for the past seven years. A few years ago, he saw a gap in the marketplace of trading for a new breed of indicator. Real time supply and demand based on pure price action, and a way to help define the “trend” and trade with it those very basic principles. APA Zones teaches and shows exactly that.