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Title: Turning Loss and Pain to Gain

Date: June 18, 2014


Oh darn, losses are part of trading. If only it wasn’t so…but even a consistent trader will have losing trades.

Other than the loss itself, losses often become a larger problem if they spur your emotions and trigger subsequent poor trading decisions which only lead to additional losses.

Fortunately, this challenge can be addressed. The root of the problem is how your brain sees loss. The fact that you can be winning overall, but still have the feeling of loss, tells you that a part of your brain “has it all wrong.”

Join Erich Senft and Richard Friesen for this unique and rare webinar where you will learn how to see loss” correctly” and begin to limit the negative emotions that can lead to poor trading decisions.

Effective traders teach their brain to see loss in a much different way. This enables them to consistently make good trading decisions…even after a loss.

“When you understand how the brain sees loss, you instantly open the door to improved trading decisions. Unfortunately, traders who could be profitable ignore learning how their brain sees loss and therefore continually make the same trading mistakes.”Richard Friesen, MindMuscles.com

Erich Senft, an active trader at Support and Resistance.com will host this special presentation and represent traders looking to improve their game regardless of their asset class or trading system.

Richard Friesen has been teaching trading since he hired traders to trade his money at the Pacific Stock Exchange where he built one of the most successful firms there in history. Rich now teaches these methods online at Mind Muscles Academy and is regularly hired to teach at trading firms around the world.

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